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  1. Rope Ends and tiny pieces of thread

    cool! I reached a similar point today and added some fur to it. Don't know if its the correct way, still working on it to create some really cool rope for macro shots. would like to add some randomization on the ends since now mine is really symmetrical ROPEtest.hip
  2. Hey guys, I am trying to figure out how to add this random end strands on a piece of rope proceduraly. I am attaching my solution as to how to create the piece of rope. I wonder if there is a way to add a ramp to control the size of SCALE of the sweep node and also should i use fur to add little bits of fuzz or tiny threads like here? cord_rope_ends.hipnc
  3. Unfold Cloth Letters

    I checked those, however dont seem to be suitable for what i am after. I tried a different method and seems to work but i am pretty sure there must be another solution. I added a curve which is a wire object that unfolds and then i deformed my geometry on the wire object using JK Path Deformer DENIM_JULY_V01.hip
  4. Unfold Cloth Letters

    Hey guys, I am trying to have a folded letter or object and then unfold it and tangle a bit. I included my scene and i also have a folded position of the letter. I want to achieve an unrolling cloth effect similar to this tutorial for Cinema 4D but using the letter in my scene Thanks in advance, Valentino DENIM_JULY_V01.hip
  5. Textile , Patchwork and Stitches

    yeah i found it weird too. anyway i downloaded houdini 15 and didnt have that error. here is the first result I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY
  6. Textile , Patchwork and Stitches

    This looks awesome! I cant get it to work on mine however. It seems the error is on the primitivewrangle1 on the variable M_TWO_PI, when i changed it with (2*3.1415) it seemed to worked but the shader doesnt render correctly like yours. Could you shed some light on the case please
  7. Textile , Patchwork and Stitches

    oki i modified your solution a bit based on what i am after and this is what i reached so far Paidikos_Rouxismos_160328_v01.hip
  8. Textile , Patchwork and Stitches

    WOW! Nice approach. mine is really messed up at the moment. I am experimenting with a vop shader. I also have an individual model in here, just in case i dont figure a procedural way (just to show to my boss ) Paidikos_Rouxismos_160328_v01.hip
  9. Hey guys, Any idea how to approach this procedurally? I would like to create a VOP that takes any polygon and creates the stitches and this patchwork on it. I will be experimenting on this and if i figure out a solution i will post it here. Any ideas are welcomed Best Regards, Valentino
  10. Deforming Cloth on logo

    Dear all, I am trying to create the effect in this video for a logo ident (effect begins at 00:16) This is what my scene looks like but i dont get enough detail in my cloth deformation to make it look like the logo. I attached the scene file along with the logo.bgeo thanks in advance Logo cloth.rar
  11. Crystal Wall Hanging System help

    Thanks for the advice guys! Unfortunately i cant go freaq ways since each string is different. I found a way that works for now. Am turning the drawing in autocad into points, importing this in DWX in houdini and then i instance my crystals on the points. Anybody knows how to export obj from instance geometry?
  12. Guys, I haven't used Houdini in such a long time. Finally i have a project that i believe houdini is best to use for it. My boss is going to design a wall with different crystals hanging from it, in a pattern. I am attaching the pdf,dwg and dxf of one of the designs. I remember you can open a dxf file in houdini if you convert the dwg in lines in autocad. What i want to create is an asset or something that reads this dxf and places the crystals accordingly. Lets say i have 3 crystals A,B and C (different sizes) in 3d. I want to read my dxf and then copy/instance each model based on the dxf drawing. The reason i want to do this is because my boss will create a lot of options until he makes his mind and i dont want to do this manually in max. The download link for the drawings: http://we.tl/l1hEaLeF8S Thanks in advance, Valentino PS: crystal_A.pdf
  13. Wedge / Delayed Load Shader Procedural Pipeline

    thats an awesome idea my friend and thanks a lot for your help much appreciated! unfortunately am quite weak on the scripting side of houdini at the moment only just started learning python to do this script i posted, how should i proceed to tackle the issue u pointed out? am thinking of an if_then_else condition that checks if the random samples are on so it proceeds this way and if they are not proceeds the other way. how do i check that every step is finished and then create the loaders and geo node tho?
  14. Wedge / Delayed Load Shader Procedural Pipeline

    Hey guys i cant figure it out in the end this is my code hou.node("/obj").createNode("subnet") netobj = hou.node("/obj/subnet1") netshop = hou.node("shop") wedge = hou.node('/out/wedge1') geoout = hou.node('/out/geometry1') i= 0 while i < wedge.parm("steps1").eval(): newnode = netobj.createNode("geo") newnode.setPosition([i,(i*(-1))]) newdls = netshop.createNode("vm_geo_file") newdls.setPosition([i,(i*(-1))]) newnode.parm("shop_geometrypath").set(newdls.path()) i = i + 1 I Dont know how to get the out/geometry node output file from this "$HIP/bgeoparticles/particles.$WEDGE.$F.bgeo.gz" and turn it to something like this "particles._wedge_seed_0.000000.1.bgeo.gz" using code in the while loop so everytime the loop goes through and a new delayed load shader is created to load the files. any more help please? thanks in advance, valentino
  15. Lime Digital Asset

    any luck on this hopbin9?