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  1. Packed Primative RBD Activate Based on Force or Impact?

    I had more time today so i thought i would follow up. I have three ways to do it. 1. by proximity to the impact object 2. by proximity of the impact value 3. global impact value (from Pazuzu) Dive inside the sop solver and flip the switch node. There are probably better ways but this is what I came up with. If you have better ideas would love to see them. Thanks, -Jj H14_dyn_active_rbd_multi_solve_help_working_II.hip
  2. Packed Primative RBD Activate Based on Force or Impact?

    Sweet, thanks a lot Pazuzu! This is really helpful. One more question, what would be a good way to activate only the pieces it comes in contact with? I thought of using an attribute transfer but i am having no luck with that. Thanks again for taking the time to look at this, much appreciated! -Jj
  3. Nuts and bolts

    Very nice.
  4. Packed Primative RBD Activate Based on Force or Impact?

    Looks like my attachment didnt work in the frist post. DERP. H14_dyn_active_rbd_multi_solve_help.hip
  5. I am new to the packed primative RBD in H14 and have found some examples of sops level activation, but how do i make an rbd packed primative active based on a hit or force value? For example a sphere hitting a cut up box suspended in the air? Here is a basic scene. I have attempted to use the sop solver but i just don't get it. Thanks.
  6. The Walking Cube

    Very cool, well done. -Jj
  7. shadows from a different light

    Hey all, How can i use another lights shadow to affect the light of another light? Basicly i have a key light that they directors like but they want a cast shadow from a different angle. How can you combine the two depth maps? It's kind of hard to describe so i hope you get what i am trying to do. PS, i am in houdini 11 Thanks for you time, -Jj
  8. Green Lantern'light effect

    Another great volume resource that was announced at Siggraph 2012, DreamWorks Open Vdb. For effects like this. http://www.openvdb.org/