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  1. Python the Copy SOP and Font SOP

    Thanks graham that's exactly what I wanted. I've always been one to try and run before I can walk, most appreciated.
  2. Hello, Here's an example of the Python code which is being stamped. import random x = ['2', 4, 8, 1, 'fubar', '2&1', 1.1] return random.choice(x) However once it is stamped into the text parameter of a Font SOP it only outputs the float/integer items and not the strings in the list. Is it something to do with the Copy SOP's 'val1' parameter being a float? Basically I need to randomly select items from an externally created list of varying length and stamp those items onto points particles etc... Can anybody please point out the obvious for me? Cheers! I've attached my .hip example_mvb.hip