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  1. Need help with parent constraint

    Thank you Macha!!, What a simple setup, I was thinking too complex for this. Works great with my mdd files. Thanks again, Ken
  2. Need help with parent constraint

    Hey everyone, I have an object that needs a swinging object attached to it as it moves. The object is being moved with an Mdd file from Maya and I got a rivet to attach to a point on the Mdd'd object and am able to parent the object that needs to swing to the rivet. I set the RBD pin constraint up ,but when I try to parent constraint that to the rivet it doesn't move with it. Can I make this work or are there any other ways to do this? Thanks, Ken
  3. Rhythm&Hues looking for FX artists

    Just to make sure this gets out there, we will need artists that can work here at our El Segundo, Ca. office. Ken
  4. Rhythm&Hues looking for FX artists

    We are currently looking to hire effects artists for our Commercial division. The project involves space sequences with explosions, particle, and rigid body dynamics. Please submit reels,website and resume info to recruitment@rhythm.com. Be sure the subject line of the email states "The Box division & your name". You can also email me directly if you have any online work you'd like me to see as well, wilder@rhythm.com Thanks, Ken
  5. Smoke from geometry groups

    Is it possible to emit smoke from a geometry group? I can get particles to emit from a selected group of polys, but not smoke. I thought "source from surface" would do this, but it still wants a whole object not some selected polys. Ken
  6. Writing out .obj seq from ripple solver

    That worked, thanks so much. Ken
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to write out an .obj sequence of some water ripples I made using the ripple solver, but I don't know where to do this from. I tried adding a file node in the DopNetwork, but it writes out zero data. Can someone point me in right direction? Thanks, Ken
  8. I think I've figured it out, I had to check "use point velocity for collisions" in the rigid solver. Thanks for the additional advice, Houdini is one amazing program. I've used Lightwave for 2 decades now and this is the first program to really wrench me away! Ken
  9. Thanks, I'll check that out. Ken
  10. Hey everyone, I'm a new user to Houdini and I can't figure this one out. I created in Lightwave a simple scene with a box moving around that I cached to an mdd file. After I load everything into Houdini I tried to make the box with the mdd file a RBD object add a ground and some spheres and made them RBDs. However the box does not interact with any of the spheres, even though I can see the red collision volume in the box. Can someone take a look at my scene and offer some suggestions? Thanks, Ken