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  1. Centroid - SOP

    ah sorry, i tried recalculate center of mass for new fracture pieces(v11) and shape too. Thanks for sample. 12 sec for building
  2. Centroid - SOP

    Hi Infernalspawn, thanks a'lot! At windows xp sp3 win32(compiled), i tried to calculate for Bullet solver...in attachment Also can you post sample of this node's work or similar with examples centroid expression(Hhelp)? Sorry for that, i still learn houdini workflow and newbie too.
  3. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    11.0.460(win32/64) build, works(turn on/off or any manipulations). Nvidia 240 gt(drv.v.257, ogl 3.3). Will try at 258. Upd. at nv.drv.258.96 works fine http://www.box.net/shared/4fbhkld0qz
  4. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    Hi Sorry, Mark. I made mistake, it's bug. While testing, i got: HQ Lighting - for first activation of this option - working, then if turn off(restart), black screen or segmentation fault. Restart PC and work again... not houdini Ambient Occlusion - same as HQL Shadows - working
  5. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    Works fine at my simple nv240gt with drivers v.257.21,
  6. Releases

    Hello After raw compile under v11.0(win32/64), gets always 3772: Fatal error: Segmentation Fault