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  1. Folks, I'm trying to do a small scene where I have a small pool of water with a 3d model hovering and moving over pool of water. Basically what I want is to have the reflection of the 3d model be accurately cast on the pool of water.....especially as it moves over the water. The problem is that I'm not entirely sure how to go about getting such an effect as so far I've only do simple models and shading....I've not really do much with VOPS yet as I'm totally confused by that part of houdini! Does anyone have general ideas or techniques that I could investigate in order to get this effect ? Many thanks in advance. Cheers Starhorn
  2. Houdini job

    I come from a computer science background (HP-UX admin with experience in shell, awk, and perl scripting...and some in C, C++ and Pascal), so programming doesn't bother me and I actually prefer to know what's going on at times. Basically I'm one of these computer science geeks who thought that 3d graphics was easy and that I'd pick it up in no time.....well guess what ? .....it ain't that easy after all....more art than computer science. Yes the math part in the texture and modeling, a procedure approach is a little heavy and I'm getting slight head-aches at the moment. But from what I can figure out at present, I can take the code and principles from the books, convert them to vmantra/houdini via the VOP network ? Am I way off on that one ? I'm re-watching the VOP vids from side effects again so hopefully it will start to make more sense and can show me where I can use the Renderman books and the "Texturing and Modeling, a procedure approach" book. Sounds like the Renderman Fast book is the good one to start with and then moving onto Advanced Renderman once I get good at the Renderman syntax. Thanks for your help. Cheers Starkhorn
  3. Houdini job

    Hi Folks, I've just gotten the Texturing and Modelling, A Procedural Approach book and I was looking to get one of the RenderMan books as well. Just wondering which of the Renderman books would be the best one for a beginner. I guess the best one for a beginner would be the Essential RenderMan Fast ? Cheers Starkhorn
  4. The dreaded rigidbodies

    Here's the link for the bowling ball. http://odforce.net/forum/index.php?act=ST&...1248&hl=bowling And on in the 3dbuzz online class, I had asked a similiar sort of question. Maybe it might help. http://sv1.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/onlc_showthr...&threadid=75305 Cheers Starkhorn
  5. Landscape tutorials for Houdini ?

    Thanks folks for your help. Just letting you know that yes I'm still working on it (and finding the going slow due to lack of time and also expertise on my part). Will post what I've done at a later date....once I think that I've gotten something worth showing.... Thanks though for the replies/advice and that tutorial link for doing the landscape map of australia. Cheers Starkhorn
  6. Pool table scene

    Hey Folks, Well I've managed to free up some time lately to finally get back to my pool table to make it better looking and to try to learn more about modelling etc. Here's my result. I had followed Mark's file closely although I did a change for the pockets. I made they as seperate boxes, poly-split them like mad, drew a seperate curve and edited the points on the box to match the curve. Finally I did a mirror for both sides to ensure that both sides would be in-sync. Also I choose mirror as I found the consolidate seam option really useful as it made it look really seamless. I did the sidebars and cushions pretty much as mark had done so.... Now I tried to edit the playing surface in order to create rounded holes for the pockets but I found it really tough. Was there a better way to do that ? Also now I need to do some shading. I've tried the normal palettes and they do ok but I was wondering if there was a better way to shade them. I guess that means defining my own VOP networks ? (which of course I know little or nothing about yet.....) Any other thoughts ? Just to remind you all that I'm still new to 3d graphics world and that I'm trying to self-learn all this stuff (i.e. I don't have luxury of going to fancy graphics school or anything), so all advice welcome and very much appreciated. Cheers Starkhorn pool_table.rar
  7. Landscape tutorials for Houdini ?

    Thanks guys for the responses. Really useful and I'll try those out and let you know how I get on....my biggest problem was looking at the photo and trying to figure out where to start or what with. I was trying to figure out whether a grid or box would be best but I think a grid looks best from your comments and from my initial experiments with sculpt, Vex mountain etc Nice idea about putting the photo in background and using a curve....I should have thought of that as I've watched the stud shoe tutorial from the vislab tutorial. Thanks Marc for your offering of doing a file but I'd like to try to figure this one out for myself.....I'd hate to come across as someone who just posts questions and gets more experienced patrons to do all the work. Although if I'm desperate then I'll let you know..... Thanks again, much appreciated. Cheers Starkhorn
  8. Landscape tutorials for Houdini ?

    Folks, I'm trying to learn how to do landscape modelling (so far I've only been trying to do stuff like lamps or pool tables etc, so this is quite a major leap for me). I got a picture out from my hols which is of the sea, beach, cliffs with mountains in the distance..........you get the idea. Anyway, I was wondering if there were any landscape tutorials 9ideally using houdini) on the best way to go about doing landscapes. Are there any about ? The only one that I was able to find was the rocket tutorial from the 5.5 tutorial guide but I'm was looking for something showing a more detailed landscape rather than just a few craters. I'm currently playing with Fractals and VEX Mountains but I was wondering if there were any tutorials already done as to be honest I'm struggling. Many thanks in advance. Cheers Starkhorn
  9. Folks, I've a bit of dilemena with rendering out 2 scenes. Basically I've got 2 scenes, one which uses keyframe animation and the 2nd one uses rigid body dynamics. The first scene is around 565 frames in length whilst the 2nd scene is around 400 frames. All I want is to render the 2nd scene so that when I save the sequence from mplay, that it saves it as frame 565 i.e. that it immediately follows the 1st scene. But when I render the 2nd scene and I try to save the image sequence, I put down 2nd_scene.$F.picnic. But obviously it saves that from range 1 - 300. I've tried going into the frame options and changing the frame range from 566 - 900 but as the 2nd scene is rigid body dynamics, it totally screws up the scene as the rigid body dynamics seems to already take into accout the first 566 frames. I've also tried merging both scenes but again the rigid body dynamics overwrites my keyframe animation. So any ideas on how I can get both these seperate scenes to follow each other ? I think it might be COPs but I don't really understand enough about this part of houdini. Cheers Starkhorn
  10. Woow this is amazing

    yeah thanks alot guys. Those are both great links.
  11. Houdini job

    Yeah I know exactly what you mean baq as I've been thinking the same as yourself. All you hear everywhere on 3dbuzz or cgtalk is how Maya is the industrial standard.....it makes it very tempting to just pack in Houdini and move over to Maya. I wish I could advise but I'm right with you in trying to learn this product and learn 3d art but thankfully wiser and more experience have come in with great advice. McCronin, very silly question from me now as usual but....... What 3 Pixar books were you talking about ? I'd be interested in those. Cheers Starkhorn
  12. Neglect

    I'm also new here and I've only posted 1 thread thus far and the help, great feedback/advice and just the general willingness of people to help was brillant. I personally think that the best part about here and the houdini community in general is that there is a distinct lack of arrogrance and rudeness from the experts/guru's when helping people....especially noobs like myself. I think this is brillant and makes me want to help back in return. Anyway, just my couple of cents.... Cheers Starkhorn
  13. Pool table scene

    Thanks ever so much for the responses. I have to admit to being quite nervous about posting over here as it seems really advanced so thanks for making me feel welcome. Edward, PolyBevel did indeed sort out my edges so thanks. Will check out your other suggestions as well. I had thought about just animating the balls on the appropraite axis but it's getting more complex as the balls need to realistically bounce off the sidebars of the pool table.... and I sorta hoped houdini could do that for me rather than me, i.e. whenever a ball hit the side of the primitive, then it would automatically know not to go through it but it bounce off it. Mark, Thats oustanding what you've done and thank you so much for helping me with such good advice. Your pool table looks great whilst the shaders didn't work in 6.1, I was still able to see your geometry which is obviously the important thing. I just had one question though regarding making a hole into the playing surface. A pool table hole isn't a straight edge across the pocket but it's sphere shaped. Now at this point, I would probably do a copy of your curve and extrude it more and then cookie it against the playing surface. However, you've told me to avoid cookies so I was wondering just how to cut that hole in the playing surface ? I was thinking of doing a project on the curve and then a trim perhaps ? But I think that doesnt work with polygons ? Thanks again. Cheers Starkhorn ps my computer spec is 256RAM, 1.2GHz with a Geforce2 GTS pro video card and the computer is running WinXP with Houdini 6.1.208
  14. Pool table scene

    oops the attachment doesn't seem to have been uploaded. Trying again. pool_scene.rar
  15. Pool table scene

    Hey Folks, As this is my first post, I'd thought that I'd say hello and thank everyone for this great site. I'm still very new(less that 3 months) to houdini and 3d graphics in general but I'm determined to try to become a houdini master but in the meantime I hope you'll all bear with me and my newbie questions. Find attached my 3rd independant scene that I've done in houdini (when I say independant, I mean not following vtms or tutorial guides). I don't think that I did it in a very efficient way though but it's a method that I was able to understand. I do have several additional questions with regards to my network, textures and also some questions about animating the scene which I would be grateful for help with. (FYI, I posted this as well in the houdini online course. unsure if that is considered rude or whatever but if you want points in the course then feel free to head over there) (1) I started with the pockets and once I had done one corner pocket, my intial plan was to do add a copy sop and do 3 copies for each corner. (And 1 copy for the middle pocket). However when I set the copy number to 3 and I tried to move the copies into the correct position, I found that they all move together which made it a nightmare to get them into position as they needed to be rotated all in a different way and in different positions. In the end I did 4 copy sops for the corner pockets and then edited each copy to move it into position. Very tedious and annoying. I was wondering if there was some formula or expression or if there was an easier way to have done that. I had to do the same thing for middle pockets as well. (2) I'm not overly happy with the edges of the green sidebars on each pocket as they are too blocky and sharp. A real pool-table has them more rounded but when I added a sub-divide to each edge, it totally screwed up the sidebar. I attempt to make smaller section on each side of the edge but doing a poly-split but I needed to do 24 of them in total and my computer ran incredibly slowly after as a result. So is there a way to make those edges more rounded and doesn't kill the performance of my computer ? (3) When connecting the pockets together, I used a polyknit. My plan had been to do 2 polyknits and then a polycap to close the tops. However, the polycap just refused to work at all. It added the polycap to the network ok with no errors but the gap wasn't capped. This forced me to added more polyknits which really made my network even longer. Any ideas why ? (4) At the back of the pockets, I put a green which was the same as the cloth. However, normally a pool-table would have a small net in order to catch the balls. I searched the palettes in houdini and I wasn't able to find anything that matched that so I was wondering if there was anyway to get a texture to vaguely resemble a net. (5) Now that I'm close to animating the scene, I realised that the balls go through the playing surface of the table. Obviously I want the balls to stay on the surface and only go through the holes when the balls go into the pocket. So is there a way to force the balls not to go through the table and also how can I get the balls to disappear from the scene once they've been potted ? Finally, any other advice on this scene and how it could be improved would be great as well. Cheers Starkhorn