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  1. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    Hey guys, I have animated rs proxies that I need to instance on points. Does anyone know if there a attribute similar to the "abcframe" on alembic to randomize the rs sequence starting frame per point ? Thanks ! S
  2. Solutions for a corrupted hip file

    Symek I don't know if you'll ever read this but I saw your message at 3AM after spending all day trying to fix a corrupted hip file (probably because of octane). Was able to expand the scene, identify the corrupted parts, replace them with healthy ones and collapse it back to a hip file. Saved my life working like a charm so THANKS MATE
  3. Fading volume edges

    Hey guys, Can't wrap my head around this. I want to feather the edges of my volume based on the distance to the surface. I know there is a volume sample involved but can't remember how to pipe that in my vop. Any help appreciated ! Thanks
  4. 2Dish swipes

    Thanks ! Yeah SOP solver is definitely a solution, I believe you can map a texture to Cd and then drive that in a solver. Also thanks for pointing to the other threads, it's golden ! Will post any progress I make when I get back to work.
  5. 2Dish swipes

    Hey everyone, Long time I haven't post here. I'm trying to aim more towards 2D effects. I'm trying to find way to blend some flash animations within Houdini (Trace SOP is cool but I need to dig in more ..). Anyway I'm trying to achieve these types of swipes (cf attached file). I was thinking of animated geos with alpha textures mapped on them. Anyone ever did something similar or have a better idea ? Thanks and Merry Christmas ! Steven
  6. Differential curve growth

    Great thread guys, lot of stuff learned ! Thanks !
  7. Generate normal into points

    Hey Carlos, How did you achieve it after all ? Cheers, Steve
  8. Hello, I'm exporting my fire and smoke pass separately, this is working ok with the aov's (even though they are very grainy, guess I need to bump the settings). I'm also trying to export a scattering pass (you have that option in the export settings of the pyro shader, the variable name is scatter_color). My question is how can I export that pass since the scattering process has been removed from the pyro shader in H12.5 ? I'm achieving scattering and volume lighting with the "new" volume light (not sure it's the right way to do it) but I don't really see if there is a way to export that single scattering pass. Any clue ? Many thanks, Steve
  9. Whitewater flicking

    Couldn't have explained it better, thanks
  10. Whitewater flicking

    Hmm if I delete "^emit" from ignored attributes, the emit attribute will be ignored. Tried as you said but I get the same issue. Anyway I found a "way" by diving in the whitewatersource node (SOP), I guess the foam and bubbles aren't supposed to be separated. I mean the flicking disappear as soon as you merge the bubbles and foam together. It's doing something like each time a particle classified as foam dies, it's replaced by a bubble one. So I'm just exporting the foam and bubbles together instead of separating them and i'll be okay. I've adusted also the min/max speed and min/max acceleration on the whitewatersource node. Thanks for your help guys, Cheers
  11. Whitewater flicking

    Yeah sorry. Can't provide the scene as it is work related but I've reproduced a simple scene (flip colliding with a cube). You can also find attached a better preview of the problem (foam particles in the movie) Many thanks, Steve WW_flick_150fps.mov WW_flick_test.hip
  12. Whitewater flicking

    Hello there, I have a FLIP from which I want to generate foam. I used the whitewater tool from shelf and i've got my foam/bubbles/spray particles. The only thing is that those particles flicks, some of them just disappear then reappears randomly. My main FLIP sim is simulated at 150fps and is working ok. Any ideas ? Link to movie (10 frames only sorry) : https://vimeo.com/69166434 Many thanks. Cheers, Steve (also posted on SESI forum)
  13. Object rising from water

    Thanks guys for the advices. Yeah actually I managed to do it with SOPs before sourcing the particles into DOP. Thanks again
  14. Object rising from water

    Hey guys, I'm trying to simulate an object rising from water with FLIPs. Let's say I have a sphere breaking through the surface and I want the particle emission to slowly fade as the object rises (the closer to the surface the bigger the emission). It seems that I can't use the variable $TY in the "Activation" param of the source volume in DOP, tried $TY<0.1 for example so it would emit only between 0 and 0.1 but this doesn't work. Any ideas ? Many thanks, Steve
  15. Volume cloud in VOP material

    Hmm I don't think I get it sorry, I can plug a delayed load inside the vop material but what about the volume cloud ? Thanks