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  1. Hello, I made the custom VEXDso node related with "Houdini Ocean Deformer". The VEX functions is working well. However, VEX is very slow, because multithreading is does not working. When printing the threadID in custom Vex Cpp file using UT_Thread::getMyThreadId(), print out the same threadID . I already turn on the "Enable Multithreading" in Point VOP Node. Is there any one know about how to turn on multithreading in Custom VEXDso ?
  2. Thank you for the nice tip! edward!
  3. In HDK 14 version, there is major changes that GU_Detail doesn't include GEO_Point anymore. Here is code in previous version function ( const GU_Detail* gdp, ~~~ ) { GEO_Point* ppt; GA_FOR_ALL_GPOINTS_( const_cast<GU_Detail *> (gdp), ppt ) { UT_Vector4 position = ppt->getPos(); ~~~~~ } } In HDK14, GU_Detail doesn't support GEO_Point anymore. How I can get the GEO_Point data from GU_Detail class in HDK 14 ? ( This code is part of tool which converts Houdini particle data to custom particle cache. ) Thanks for reading.
  4. Thanks a lot. I'll try it.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Alembic cache is not verified on our in-house pipeline. And not enough to verify alembic. so maybe we have to make custom importer node. Is there simple c++ example file for custom read format?
  6. Hi I am developing in-house tool for fluid simulation. I wanna make "bgeo" file from in-house tool, in specially, particle data and poly-mesh data. Bgeo data for particle data was done by refering to Partio library. However, poly-mesh data is not yet. I found some codes related with make bgeo like "cortex". but that too complex to use. Is there anyone who had been developing BGEO for poly-mesh or has simple c++ example file. Please, help me!
  7. I killed the bug thank to help of my friend! If anybody need the proejct file, I'll give files through the e-mail. Thank you!
  8. Hi I has started new topic related with ocean deformer. Our framework is based on the Maya and we need the "houdini ocean toolkit for maya" for ambient wave. So we try to compile the HOT in Visual Studio. However, there are so many errors.(Maybe some link is missing, but I can not find the link.) So anybody has the proejct file contained houdini ocean toolkit for maya? If you don't mind, please upload the the project file(Visual studio)! or If you need the my proeject file, please tell me. I'll email to you! (I try to upload the my project file in this forum, but I can not because there are limitation of capacity. )
  9. Marschner hair model

    I am also starting the implementation of "Marschner hair model" using Renderman or houdini SHOP like you. So I read the paper. But it's too difficult to implement the Marschner hair model, because there is no pseudo code. I found the some information relate with "Marschner hair model" in GPU Gems 2. Here is site for reference. http://developer.nvidia.com/book/export/html/42 There is pseudocode summarizing the shader in GPU GEMS 2. ========================================================================================= // In the Vertex Shader: SinThetaI = dot(light, tangent) SinThetaO = dot(eye, tangent) LightPerp = light –– SinThetaI * tangent eyePerp = eye – SinThetaO * tangent; CosPhiD = dot(eyePerp, lightPerp) * (dot(eyePerp, eyePerp) * dot(lightPerp, lightPerp))^-0.5 // In the Fragment Shader: (MR, MTT, MTRT, cosThetaD) = lookup1(cosThetaI, cosThetaO) (NTT, NR) = lookup2(CosPhiD, cosThetaD) NTRT = lookup3(CosPhiD, cosThetaD) S = MR * NR + MTT * NTT + MTRT * NTRT ========================================================================================= Is it same to paper contents? I think not. I think they use the lookup table and some information in paper is omitted for efficiency. So could you tell me which pseudocode has to add and change for result like your works? Thank you for reading.
  10. compiled HOT file for Houdini 11.0.446.9

    Here is files Sorry for late. HOT.zip
  11. compiled HOT file for Houdini 11.0.446.9

    Here is files. Sorry for late.
  12. compiled HOT file for Houdini 11.0.446.9

    Oh Sorry. I solve the problem I miss the some character in envirments variable. (&) I wrote like this "HOUDINI_PATH" : c:/hotbin_win64;" miss the "&". Sorry!
  13. compiled HOT file for Houdini 11.0.446.9

    Thank you for your answer, but I already tested using that files. Now I installed houdini new version(11.0.581) And so I re-compiled the source file for new version using these command. ------------------------------------------------------------------ > chdir <where you extracted the HOT source distribution>\\src > hython setup.py bdist ------------------------------------------------------------------ However, error appear again. The errors are like attachments. What can I do?
  14. I already compiled HOT src file and got the VEX_Ocean.dll VEX_Ocean.lib SOP_Cleave.dll SOP_Cleave.lib SOP_Ocean.dll SOP_Ocean.lib but when I open the houdini, appear the error related to "did not match the libfftw3f-3.dll and SOP_Ocean version". I find the fftw files for x64. However, show the same error. How can I setting the file for HOT? My enviroment is window7, houdini 11.0.446.9 x64. Anyone tell me enviroment setting for houdini ocean toolkit! (position for dll and lib file...) And how can I compiled the libfftw3f? Please help, Thanks for reading.