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  1. Nuke Deep Compositing

    Thank you for your support.
  2. Did anybody noticed slow performance in the new "Source Volume"? Perhaps only in my case this is going on?
  3. why "X"?

    I've simplified the scene to the minimum units, but the result is not round. I have no idea what can be a problem, this bug SideFX or my ? X2.hip
  4. why "X"?

    Hi Guys, A strange form of the cube (must be spherical) and central shape like "X" created when I raise substeps. Why? snapshot X.hip
  5. billowy smoke - fast initial velocity - dots!

    You're right, but with "Time Blend" I did not get what I wanted, then I try "timewarp" node and this idea work pretty good for my. Thanks.
  6. billowy smoke - fast initial velocity - dots!

    Thanks guys for help! The problem was solved when I remembered that the source was written to disk like cache. Can I somehow use the cache when substep is increased ? Thanks.
  7. billowy smoke - fast initial velocity - dots!

    Hi I have a similar problem but from the other side. Object moves fast and have following problem: I thought it might be solved by substep but this does not help. I know that the problem in the emitter, but even when I did blur problem still present Someone can help?
  8. Nuke Deep Compositing

    Yee, thanks SYmek! What would we do without you )
  9. Infinity Volume

    Hey Guys, In paper Production Volume Rendering written many different ways of how to build Volume with voxel buffers, but what if I want to create miles of volume in detail? Jerry Tessendorf told in the paper "I Love It When A Cloud Comes Together" - they did cloud system covered approximately 20*10*5 kilometers, at a resolution as small at 0.1 meters, but how they did without using metaboll ? And another question - what makes sense to use "Point instantiation" to create volume?
  10. CG Artist (generalist)

    in www.thecoffeepost.com.ua

  11. Someone knows how the work algorithm "Loop Selection" ? I understand that EDGE and Poligon Loop works in different ways? How can be look a script to Loop selection ? Does enybody know ?
  12. Explosion in VEX

    Yes, very similar to what I meant, but it seems I found a better way.
  13. Explosion in VEX

    Yes pureMathematicExplode.hip
  14. Explosion in VEX

    thanks Peter Claes, but should be simpler ways. thanks "Macha", but you used POPs.