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  1. Help - Can't find a thing on internet !

    Hello and thx for your answer. I was looking exactly for the guy in chrisdunham95 link. however it seems that he didn't do 2d looking fx since ages...
  2. Hello all, I need your help to find an old thing. I am trying to find it for days... It's about a FX artist who was doing 3d fx looking like 2D and it was pretty convincing. I don't remember the software...maybe cinema 4D... But I remember that he was Korean ( or Japanese or Chinese ) as I wasn't able to read any text on his website I remember also that he was doing "smoke", and it was pretty like "3d meshes animated with 2D looking texture applied to it" It's not much I know, but maybe someone will remember that thanks a lot
  3. Entagma : Shortest path

    Hello Moritz, Sorry for my late answer, I just came back to that "problem" yesterday and just saw your post. Thanks a lot, it helped...
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Entagma "shortest path" tutorial by Ben Watts ( same question could apply to Entagma Naive Path Finding ) In fact the resulting "growing curves" have point number changing every frame and I can't manage to "sort" the points so that their number don't change anymore. any idea ? thanks a lot. shortestPath.001.hip
  5. Yes that's it ! Btw it's not working that way with my full scene ( the scatter source is much more complex than a grid and not at the origin of the world ) Will investigate that and probably come back with others questions thanks a lot
  6. Thx Shinjipierre, I was thinking about that, yes But, in fact I would like to convert thoses points to poly and to have consistent motion blur on it ( > Maya > Arnold ) Any Idea on how to have a more "stable" velocity ? Btw the mesh is actually not motion blurred in Mantra, can't understand that. thanks a lot growth_Vel.hipnc
  7. Hello all, Any idea how to add velocity to a growth propagation ( from bwdesign tutorial ) ? Here is a sample file, I don't know what to do. I would like the points to have velocity ( in the direction of the growth... ) thanks. Here is a sample file without velocity of course growth_noVel.hip
  8. Hello, I have a problem with my (expired) licence. I am not able to reach SideFX ( mail ), no answer for a few days... What would be the best way to join them ? thanks a lot.
  9. voronoi look on object

    Ok, I tried both...didn't work...or maybe I didn't manage to make it work... Anyone could take a look at that .hip please ? curveyWorleyPattern.hip
  10. voronoi look on object

    Hello, This is an old thread but, as it seems that I am looking for the same information, let's go. My problem is : - applying worley noise on points via a VOP SOP and DisplaceAlongNormal leads to "curvy worley pattern" - I would like to flatten this "curvature" to get perfectly flatten worley pattern Hope it's clear If not, let's see the following breathtaking pic. Anyone can help, what can I do at VOP level to do that ? thanks
  11. Never ending melting object

    Thanks ! I will check the pop wrangle video asap
  12. Never ending melting object

    Yes perfect ! Thx ! Just a few others questions for curiosity purpose : - Is it possible to achieve the same thing with only nodes ? ( no vex ) - I don't know VEX : - what is @v.x ? and @v.z ? I think you test if the velocityX and velocityY are zero but I don't understand the @. - frameduration is the duration (in frames) in which pscale go from 0 to 1, right ? Thanks a lot.
  13. Never ending melting object

    Hello everyone, I'm kind of new to Houdini and am facing a little problem... I would like an object to melt indefinitely. Here is my workflow ( hip file attached ) : - create an animated ( mountain ) object - add particles flowing on the object - delete non needed particles then convert to VDB -> to poly. My problem is that I have a "flowingparticles" group in which particles are added when they meet the surface of a volume ( volume sample < 0 ) When I convert this particles to vdb then to mesh, the mesh is "poping" at the place where particles are added. I think this is a normal behaviour. My question is : - Can I add some attributes that can be used as something like "if the particle has just been added to the group, it's influence to the meshing is 0 and slowy increase its influence... I don't know if I'm clear about that. Please If you can just do a flipbook of the joined hip scene, you will see the poping at the top of the melting object. Thanks a lot ! neverEndingMeltingObject.002.hip
  14. Hello all, I'm new to abc, and would like to get all the attributes I created in Maya to Houdini. In fact I have created many attributes on transforms and shapes nodes and export them to abc ( all the attributes are correctly exported atm ) In Houdini, I can only see the "shapes attr" and not the "transforms attr" ( which seems logical for me as Maya and Houdini handle transforms differently ) Is there any trick to see this "transform attr" ? I manage to get the value of these attributes with Python ( with the help of _alembic_hom_extensions ) , but I would like to see these attributes in the network view ( As I do with shapes attributes) Any idea ? Any help would be greatly rewarded with a big THX !
  15. Hi, I'm a new user of Houdini, trying to switch from Maya to it for dynamics/particles purpose... I saw on the "v11 what's new" that there's a way to activate multithreading for dynamics by setting this environnment variable : HOUDINI_MULTITHREADED_COOKING = 1 I'm on Linux and it seems that it's just not working... any idea about that ? thanks a lot