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  1. Cloud FX Animation

    Would anyone have any tips on adding wind to the CloudFX tools? I wondered if I could import the system into a DOP network and hook it up to some wind in there? But I'm having no joy...
  2. Cloud FX Animation

    Wow, that's epic Tom! I love your work, it's really inspired me (evidently!). Just checked out your site and you've worked on some amazing projects. Thanks for the feedback, you're the perfect guy to pitch in with advice on this one, seeing as it's your own work that I'm aspiring to The new CloudFX tools are great at first glance, though I'm struggling to get any kind of realistic, natural movement in them. I just want one very small, lonesome cloud, with a soft, slow dissipation. It surprises me that the CloudFX tools aren't set up to react to heat/cooling etc, they're just static, and seem to rely on you faking the evaporation/formation process by animating noise. I think I might try to create the cloud with a smoke solver instead. My knowledge of Houdini isn't great at this moment in time, and this is kind of an adventurous (perhaps overly ambitious) R&D project to learn more about Houdini. Here's hoping. If you've any tips on where I could start, I'd be hugely grateful. Massive congrats on your work either way, it really is amazing
  3. Cloud FX Animation

    Hi Adam, Thanks again for this. I've played around with it and am still struggling. It seems that the noise animation causes the cloud to flicker erratically (I've attached an export to show this). I was expecting the cloud FX to have a similar functionality to the smoke solvers, where I'm able to increase/decrease the dissipation rate to affect the speed at which the smoke rises, disappears, separates etc. Is there any way I can add this kind of functionality to the cloud system? Thanks again Cloud Sketchy.mov
  4. Cloud FX Animation

    Adam, that's ace! Thanks for taking the time to show me I'll have a play and will no doubt have more questions soon. I'd really like to reproduce a much smaller scale version of the cloud featured on the Guiness Advert for a personal project I've got in mind: http://youtu.be/URxLYupra5s Be warned, I'm likely to have many more questions Thanks again
  5. Cloud FX Animation

    Hi, I've started playing with Houdini's new cloud FX tools and am wondering if somebody could enlighten me as to how I add an element of animation to my cloud? At present, it sits completely static. It looks ace n all but there's no animation (ie slow evaporation and reformation of the cloud). I've attached a project file to illustrate this (Cloud Static) I also tried to parent the clouds transform to a null object in another project, but this just resulted in a really erratic reshaping of the cloud every few frames. Almost as if it was recalculating a new seed every few frames. I've attached this project file also (Cloud Erratic). If anyone could shed any light on this for me, I'd be eternally grateful Huge thanks in advance Cloud Erratic.hipnc Cloud Static.hipnc
  6. Houdini 12 tutes and tips?

    Fantastic!! Huge thanks Chris! I'm looking through all of the links right now and will start to work my way through the doc too. I'm sure I'll be back in no time with questions and hip files Thanks again buddy!
  7. Hey guys, Just got the H12 Apprentice and have started playing with the new FLIP Tank and Pyro effects etc. It's immediately apparent that things have changed Which, I'm sure is a good thing! But, I really wanna get to grips much more deeply with Houdini this year, and I feel that the limited knowledge I had H11 from experimenting with fluids and emitters, is not entirely relevant in this version as the nodes that create each effect differ somewhat. If anyone knows of any tutorials or training materials that are on the way or already available for H12, I'd be over the moon. Equally, if anyone could throw me a couple of tips or things to try, I'd be eternally grateful! Huge thanks in advance.
  8. Houdini 12 Viewport problems

    I'm having a similar issue. Finding it incredibly unstable too. Much less stable than H11 at the min for me at least
  9. Smoke not rendering

    Just a quick note to say that worked perfectly! Thanks Mawi Has anyone got any recommendations for learning resources for Houdini? I can only assume I'd need to look at the beginners stuff, I love messing around with fluids and smoke sims but just pick it up as I go along really. I'm a video editor and compositor mainly, so use FCP and Nuke on a daily basis, but Houdini really grabs me every time I use it and I'd love to really start getting my head around it. Y'know, get past the stage of pure experimentation and guess work Thanks again guys. great community.
  10. Smoke not rendering

    Thanks so much guys! Mawi, that's perfect! Can't wait to try it out when I get my new license. I've been experimenting on a station at work, but this station's moved elsewhere now I'm going to get me an Apprentice HD license seeing as it's so cheap! Do you know if I'll still be able to import FBX scenes into it? That's the only method I currently know to get Nuke scenes into Houdini. It all sounds perfectly logical when you explained it as above, but I'd never have thought of it!! Thanks again Mawi
  11. Smoke not rendering

    Hi all, Any ideas why I'm getting no render of my smoke sim? I've attached the project file for reference if anyone's kind enough to take a look? The sim cooks fine in the viewport, but just doesn't render out through Mantra. Not sure if it makes any difference at all, but the scene was sent from a Nuke project, where the camera was also tracked using the in built cameratracker. I only mention this as I built a smoke sim immediately prior to this project in a fresh Houdini project and everything rendered without a glitch. Hope someone could shed some light on this? Huge thanks in advance. CityScape Houdini2.hip
  12. Fluid sim constantly crashes on render.

    Yeah, I increased the emitter size until it was big enough to fit into the scene. And lowered the particle separation, perhaps too much? Should I try decreasing the size of the emitter? Or increasing the particle separation? Or both perhaps? Also, just to note, I've tried to export the bgeo sequence to no avail, I attached the DOP Import SOP and ROP output nodes inside the particle fluid node. It exported the first frame successfully, and then crashed on the 2nd frame!!! I'm getting the impression I'm in way over my head here? If anyone could advise how I can salvage this experiment, I'd be eternally grateful!!! Thanks in advance. Chaz
  13. Fluid sim constantly crashes on render.

    8gb RAM Macbook Pro 2010 unibody, 2.4ghz core i5. I noticed that the first 2 frames used up almost 20gb of my hdd space!!!! Something's surely wrong? Just no idea what I've done
  14. Fluid sim constantly crashes on render.

    Thanks GallenWolf, Nail on the head, that's exactly what I saved the sim files as, I assumed it would need the '$SF4.sim' extension. That's worth knowing that it's needed for the file dop. Thanks for your suggestion of using the DOP Import SOP, I'll try that tonight. I'm not 100% sure on how to execute it, am I right in thinking the following?: (1) Create the DOP Import SOP at the top/object level, bring in all static objects and fluid from the AutoDOP Network, then: (2) Create a Geometry ROP also at the top/object level, to bake out the objects from the DOP Import SOP as a '.bjeo' sequence, and finally: (3) Create a File SOP in the Auto DOP Network to read the '.bjeo' sequence back in? Presumably these will then be used in the rendering process instead of re-simulating everything? Thus sufficiently speeding up the render times? If this all works, that could solve to issues, as I also need to pre simulate the fluid by about 50 frames ideally, so that when the shot starts, the fluid sim is already in full flow. I apologise in advance for immediately firing back a bunch of questions And thanks again for your help, I say it every time, but the Houdini community is ACE!! Thanks in advance. Chaz
  15. Fluid sim constantly crashes on render.

    Thanks SpencerL, That makes sense when you put it like that, it must be a HUGE strain on all of my resources. My attempts at writing out the baked .sim files were previously unsuccessful, I just added a 'FILE' node at the bottom of the autodop network (under the gravity node). It didn't get past the first frame, so maybe I was going about it in the wrong way if I should've actually been writing out the .bgeo files instead. Any tips on how I could go about doing this? Also, on a side note, can I pull up a particle count for any frame in my scene? I'm wondering how many particles are actually involved from square one, I'd assume there's rather a lot Thanks for the response! Chaz