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  1. Wolf fur

    I'm not use a real reference for the look development a wolf. This wolf styling and rendered only for test PBR engine) Of course too many tricks applied on compositing (nose, eyes, snowflakes and color grading)
  2. Wolf fur

    Test fur PBR engine)
  3. Close up CG face

    Use a standart mantra surface shader, 3 area lights, also use fur and many passes for compositing)
  4. Surface Uber Shader

    Great shader)! But how to export Fresnel and shadows and vel?
  5. irradiance noise

    Hello! Guys need your help When rendering irradiance (source strips on shoulders) crawls noise sampling 256. Maybe someone knows how this can be overcome? Micropoly engine, gamma 2.2
  6. Hi everyone! I wonder what are the ways to take GI to fur, is it possible to bake?
  7. camera2exr

    hello everybody! Guys tell my how you can send the camera data in OpenEXR? Is this possible at all? thanks