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  1. Long loading of complex Digital Asset

    Thank you for reply! But what can be done for quicker HIP file opening and nodes initialization? It depends from power of my workstation? More cores, quicker read from disc?
  2. Long loading of complex Digital Asset

    Well, I remade my asset. The most heaviest operations rebuilded on vex. Asset works maybe 2 times faster. But still long initialization. I found that if asset is constructed from many-many nodes, especcialy if it's another custom digital assets, it have a long time for initialization. But after that it computes quite fast. And Hip file also have a quite long time to open. This is normal or not?
  3. I created a rather complex Digital Asset. It consticts of ~2000 nodes, and also there is ~60 instances of another asset inside this asset. I optimized it thought cleaning nodes throught performance monitor, and now It computes rather fast after loading, but LOADING takes nearly 10 seconds. It's became a real problem because in my hip file I need to use it rapidly many times. Is there any way to speed up loading of asset? And after creating every instance of this asset Houdini increases ram usage at ~500 mb, it's also a problem...
  4. Thank you very much! Your setup helped me a lot!
  5. Hello! I am new to FLIP fluids simulation in Houdini and I found that FLIP fluids behaviuor totally changes depending on particle separation parameter. If I make more particles I am getting different shapes. In this Example I am trying to make a fluid splash in different directions. I am setting initial particle velocities by attribute transfer from geometry. And for example I like a shape of splash when particle separation = 0.05, but I want to get a quality mesh with nice thin shapes and round droplets, and for this I need to simulate more particles. But if I'm changing particle separation to 0.03 I have a different shape, with many small droplets and with totally different splash shape. What is wrong in my workflow? How to make a clean mesh with thin shapes, round droplets, not look like a metaballs mesh. For a reference https://www.pngitem.com/pimgs/m/312-3122129_liquid-splash-png-transparent-png.png test_splash_v01.hipnc