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  1. I posted the issue on the sidefx forum. The issue was resolved by Tomas Slancik on the sidefx forum. Here is a link to his reply. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/81062/#post-348979
  2. Ive managed to create a kinefx skeleton rig for a quadruped character. Each bone is uniquely named as is recommended Im trying to set the position of one of the kinefx skeleton bones to the centroid of a group of points in the mesh geometry being deformed Im using the "getbbox_center(0)" vex function to acquire the centroid but I cant figure out how to set the bone position to that vector position value. I was hoping to use a rigattributewrangle sop node to set the position of the bone but the syntax to accomplish that is not easy to find. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Im starting to use kinefx for rigging. I setup a ikchain sop of 3 bones but as soon as I start moving the tip bone with rigpose the ikchain quickly exhibits gimble lock popping when the tip bone gets close to the mid bone. As a result the bonedeform twists the mesh into a ugly mess. Are there any links to helpful tutorials that show how to resolve this? Here is a link to a movie I made to illustrate the issue
  4. I submitted a bug report to sidefx support on this issue. they said they would try to fix. I did manage to get a proper mantra render by extracting the texture maps from the sofia.hda and saving to the tex folder in my houdini project folder then right clicking allow edit on the Sofia node diving into the Sofia network node locate the matnet node enter and edit the principledshader_body material right click allow edit then edit the basecolor texture to $JOB/tex/Sofia_low5_Sofia_body_Diffuse_fix.tga edit the roughness texture to $JOB/tex/Sofia_low5_Sofia_body_Glossiness.tga
  5. I keep getting these errors when I attempt to render Sofia.hda using apprentice 18.5.532 this hda is downloaded from the Sidefx content library here Sofia Rig | SideFX [20:49:26] mantra: Unable to load texture 'opdef:/Object/sofia::1.0?Sofia_low5_Sofia_body_Glossiness.tga' [20:49:26] mantra: Unable to load texture 'opdef:/Object/sofia::1.0?Sofia_low5_Sofia_clothes_Glossiness.tga' in scene viewport I see skin texture but in mantra skin is grey the clothing textures seem to be working the sofia.hda node will not unlock when I right click on allow editing how do I resolve this?