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  1. Hello all, I'm using an instance node in point instance mode to copy the output of another sop onto it. The material has displacement on it but it seems to me that all the instances are being displaced in exactly the same way, i.e. the same deformation on every instance. I am assuming that is because the noise values (that are used for the displacement) are being looked at in local space, how would I make it so that it was in global? Also the object I am using to copy the instances onto has color attributes on the points but they are not inherited by the instances. Any suggestions how to accomplish this? Many many thanks!
  2. displaced fur / hair

    Thanks mate :-)
  3. displaced fur / hair

    ok - seems like I stumbled on a solution. I had to set explicit bounds in the IFD tab on the fur procedural in the accompanying shopnet : /obj/fur/fur/shopnet1/furgeometry thanks!
  4. displaced fur / hair

    Hey all, couldn't find anything on this particular subject, forgive me if this has been posted before. I'm using displaced fur to use as some sort of space phenomena, but I'm running into what looks like displacement bound problems. I'm attaching an image that hopefully illustrates the problem. When I apply and set a displacement bound parameter to the fur geo node on the /obj level, nothing happens. When I dive in and apply it to the fur geo node within the subnet, it simply stops rendering and I get a black frame. This only happens if the displacement bounds on the fur geo node inside the subnet ( /obj/fur/fur ) is set above 0.0 Has anyone got a clue what is happening and even better how to fix it? Many thanks!