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  1. Hi all. Years ago, Varomix made a cool tutorial on CMIVFX in which he showed how to access data using Python in Houdini to create a weather widget. One could query Yahoo weather via Python and update the widget. My question is, is it possible to query data live and make what's displayed in Houdini continuously update, rather than having to manually do it? Let's stick to the weather widget -- would it be possible to update the data that's displayed in real time? If so, any leads on how? Thank you for any suggestions!
  2. Limit dynamic fracturing of packed primitives?

    Hoping someone might have suggestions?
  3. Hey, I'm doing a "simple" simulation of a ball hitting a brick wall using packed primitives. I'd like for the bricks that get impacted to fracture again and so added a Voronoi Fracture Configure Object. Everything works fine, except all the bricks fracture, not just the ones impacted. I know I can increase the Min/Max Impact amounts and adjust the Impact Radius to limit what gets fractured, but I'm hoping there's a way I can manually limit the effect to a region of bricks. I've tried making a dynamics group but no good. Is there an attribute I can set at the SOP level, maybe in a point wrangle (like i@active=0 to set active), that would disable the fracturing of specific bricks? I've had success doing this with RBD objects but can't get it to work with packed prims and, given that it's Houdini, I feel sure it can be done! Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Set N points to same Y position

    Thank you both! Noobini, your solution did the trick, and thank you for the HIP file.
  5. Set N points to same Y position

    Hi all, Please see the attached picture -- for every three points, I want the second and third to match the position in Y of the first. So I'd like points 1 and 2 to match the Y position of 0, points 4 & 5 to match the Y position of 3, and so on up the row of points. So far I'm not having luck with a wrangle, have tried to use a For-Each but no joy. Any suggestions? Failed attempt in a point wrangle: vector pos, oldPos; int pt; if(@id%3==0) { pt=@id; pos=point(0,"P",0); oldPos=point(0,"P",(pt+1)); setpointattrib(0, "P", 1, set(oldPos.x, pos.y, oldPos.z)); }
  6. HQUEUE client on OS X

    Thanks again, Zweger. > Ive opted to forget about an hquser - so install hqclient as a regular user not as root I wish I could! In the Hqueue help docs it says to install the Mac client from the Hqueue server Client page, so that's what I've been doing. If I choose to create the hquser account at least I succeed in creating an hqueue client on the target machine. Opting for "Use an existing account to run client daemon" just gives me a permission denied error. You're right, I should contact SESI support with this. Right now the only way I can make it work is to create the client using an hquser account (from the hqueue server page), then log into the hquser account on the client machine so it can read from the shared drive.
  7. HQUEUE client on OS X

    Wow, thanks so much for this detailed response, Zweger. I tried everything you listed above and it all checks out. One weird thing is that after I restarted two of the three client machines the Hqueue clients no longer show up on the Hqueue server page (Hqueue reports them as "not responding"). I tried unloading and loading Hqueue client on these machines using launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.sidefx.hqclient.plist launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.sidefx.hqclient.plist ... but it just tells me it's already loaded. I looked in the Activity monitor for both the client that's still running and the two that aren't, and I note that hquser is running fewer processes on the failed client machines, namely sshd and hserver. Actually, hserver was started by the login account (an admin account) rather than hquser... I wonder if that has any bearing on the problem.
  8. HQUEUE client on OS X

    Hi all, I am hoping I can get some help on setting up a Mac hqueue farm. I've set up an hqueue farm for an all-Windows network and it works great. It may be worth noting that on the Windows farm, whenever we submit a job to Hqueue server via an Hqueue ROP we set the Target HFS directory to "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 13.0.343" so that (I guess) the client machine finds the Houdini installation. I did not bother setting up a shared directory where client machines could load Houdini from a central location. For the Mac farm, I've got Hqueue Server running on an OS X machine and have added three Macs as clients. They show up in the Hqueue Clients page and are available to render. Houdini runs just fine on all of them The problem I'm having happens after submitting from the Hqueue ROP. At first I tried setting the Target HFS directory to /Applications/Houdini 13.0.343/. That resulted in the error "No Such File or Directory". I then removed the space so it read /Applications/Houdini13.0.343/ (and changed all the Houdini directories to match) and that sort of worked but not in the right way. Now the Hqueue Server error reads /houdini_setup: No such file or directory. I looked in the Houdini install directory on the Windows machines and such a file exists, but on the OS X machines, "houdini_setup" does not exist, so the error makes sense and confirms that at least I've formatted the path correctly. Is the only way to get the Mac clients to work is to set up the Shared directory and place a Houdini installation in that shared folder? I definitely haven't tried that yet but I just figure if Houdini is already installed on the client machines, why make them download it from a shared directory? Thanks for any help/suggestions!
  9. HQUEUE clients stalling

    Good to know, thanks for the heads up!
  10. HQUEUE clients stalling

    > I will upgrade to 12.5.557 or higher and report back, much appreciated. @johner, thanks again for the suggestion, that fixed the problem!
  11. HQUEUE clients stalling

    johner and Nerox, thank you for the quick responses! johner, In fact I am using 12.5.376 so hopefully that's the problem. I will upgrade to 12.5.557 or higher and report back, much appreciated.
  12. HQUEUE clients stalling

    Hi all, I'm trying to sim an exhaust trail via a distributed cluster simulation on my small farm thru HQUEUE. The server and clients work fine... clients are assigned their respective clusters, etc. The problem is that once a client machine is finished with the "heavy lifting" it seems to stall and stop calculating its cluster. To put it another way, for a frame range of 1-100, perhaps the first 60 frames get simulated (represented by 2KB file sizes leading up to the heavier file sizes (which indicates the emitter is traveling thru the fluid box) then back down to 2KB file sizes once the density has dissipated. But then the client stops simulating and I have to cancel its job to move it on to the next. Of that 100 frames it was supposed to render, perhaps it only gets through 66 frames before stalling. In the DOP network a gas resize fluid DOP is fed into the second input of the pyro solver (as normal). Does anyone know off-hand if that's a "no-no" when used in a clustering sim? To get around the stalling problem I was hoping I could maybe code something in Python to run in the background and check clients' status and if they're still simming after so many minutes it would cancel their current job, but the Python API doesn't appear to include commands for Hqueue. Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks for any insight you can share!
  13. Hqueue server can't start

    For what it's worth, months ago when I was trying to get hqueue set up I saw similar issues... Sidefx support suggested I try installing hqueue from a more recent build of Houdini and that did the trick.
  14. smoke trail on path

    I think I've got it working now. It seems one *has* to use the cluster node and not the user-designated clustered curve you made (which I much prefer) for it to work properly.
  15. smoke trail on path

    Hi Dobril, thanks for sharing your file - very, very, helpful! I hope you won't mind my asking - the sim you posted on Vimeo, did you actually sim that using clustering, and if so, did the sim ever stall? I finally got Hqueue working and tried simming my own file across three machines, but they all appear to stall before finishing the second cluster, and there are quite a few more clusters to go. If you have any tips I'm all ears!