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  1. Ptex and multiple meshes in Houdini - Mudbox workflow

    here is an exsisting ptex thread. maybe one of the solutions herein will help you out.

    daniel phillis posted: a link for a little COP chromatic aberration. http://houdiniadventures.blogspot.com/2008/04/weekly-research-chromatic-aberration.html network chromatic aberration after a quick bit of google-fu regarding the lensflare cop, it would seen that back when mantra switched to vex, sidefx let the lensflare atmosphere shader die. bummer. all of this goodness rests in nuke though... maybe you have access?
  3. this effects how can i do

    see peter quints lesson on smoke from particles. ignore the smoke. see how he controls the particles and how he causes them to follow the ball. next see peter quints fluid transform lessons 1 and 2. for the 'gold' logo see peter quints lesson 'dynamic spheres' . those 5 elements logos really are pretty nice.
  4. cmiVFX 50% off on everything

    i personally, finally, subscribed with this deal. considering the houdini lessons already present, and the bunch set for release in the next year, a year subscription is a no-brainer purchase.
  5. Parenting the cam!

    please, is a hip post possible? i'd love to see the solution.
  6. Amazing VFX inspiration

    new to me and just damn cool. it's very interesting to see breakdowns like this. thanks for the link! probably should move the post to here though:
  7. Random link of interest

    Houdini in tron - gmunk - fireworks This would be good for the sidefx home page... Wow. The film is a visual overload of amazing cg. http://work.gmunk.com/1316279/TRON-Fireworks
  8. roof generation

    goossens latest work happens to be a proc. roof. check this out. maybe we can convince him to do a full lesson on this super cool demo.
  9. Webinars for New Houdini Users

    hey robert, i watched your presentation for the lighting webinar. while much of the content is aimed toward someone who does not not houdini at all, i did find some of your approaches during the actual lighting scene useful. i hadn't seen your use of the ROP merge before. i'd always just linked one to the other. also, i'd forgotten how useful light attenuation is to limit the effect of a given light and how much that speeds renders. lastly, i'd not seen the portal light used on a virtual backdrop before. i've always used blast to created an exact polygon to fill the window space. thank for the vid robert!
  10. Spirals???

    looks to me like your vop wants to work but is being clipped along the x axis. on the left that looks like your math crosses into -z, but on the x axis, when the spiral approaches zero it is stopped from crossing into any negative floats. that is the reason for the long jump to the points at the far right of your pic. look for some a bit in your vop sop, specifically for the x coordinates, where you are using a fit maybe or a choice has been made to use positive floats only...
  11. Houdini IA64 archived?

    if you installed linux instead, couldn't you just use the posted linux production build binaries as-is?
  12. Smoke disspation

    peter quint shows how to control dissipation of smoke here: fast forward to TIME CODE 19m25s PQ smoke from particles I LINK the technique he uses you should be able to adapt to your effect. he wants to dissipate faster, you would just do the reverse...
  13. generate hole texture @ particle hit?

    that exact effect is detailed in the cg-masters lesson "Intro to Visual Effects". peter bowmar does the lesson and it is excellent.
  14. Fluid collide with fur

    here is a lesson that involves fluids and fur. maybe something in it will help bro. -----> 3d World Fur Lesson LINK
  15. Ocean Shorewave

    i believe this is the user manual and full thesis that goes to this asset. see attached. wave.zip