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  1. Redshift crowds

    Still no answer...!!, I am also facing the same problem. In my case Arnold Renderer. Any solutions please..
  2. Breakdowns & Reels

    Hi The below link is my YouTube channel in which i will be posting Recent and best of vfx breakdowns and show reels. Which will be for self motivation and fx reference.. Hope will be useful for some one... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhBrSWTST2igLPaE_13uDw/featured https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhBrSWTST2igLPaE_13uDw/videos
  3. FX DemoReel 2018

    Hi, These are my Houdini effects collections created simultaneously while learning Houdini.
  4. Munnodi Song Making

    Hi Guys, Fantasy surreal background created for a south Indian movie. The displaced mountains and trees created with houdini. Packed primitives used to instance the treed and grass. A Bunch of paint effects grass created in maya and instanced in houdini. I am not a houdini expert i am still learning and ODFORCE is a great platform for sharing our knowledge. I hope i will be an expert one day. MAKING:
  5. HQueue sliced flip simulation

    Any one explain please, Does "n" number of slices needs "n" number of clients for distributed simulations. No success for me in distributed simulations
  6. HQueue sliced flip simulation

    I am facing the same issue, Did you figure the problem. Un sliced simulations works fine but no success on distributed simulations. I have another doubt do we need minimum number of clients to start distributed simulations, can we do a multi sliced pyro container on a single client one slice at a time and so on. If any one have the solution please guide us Thanks in advance
  7. CLOTH to CLOTH Constrain

    Thanks, but what i am trying to create is to create some thing like component to component constrain in maya. I know i need to create a custom solver for this, i am looking for tips/ideas to achieve this. For now based on distance i can create constrains but i am missing something. Constrains actually created but not working properly i think i need to update the constrains each frames during simulation. But i don't know how to achieve this
  8. CLOTH to CLOTH Constrain

  9. CLOTH to CLOTH Constrain

    Any solution to this issue please
  10. CLOTH to CLOTH Constrain

    Hi, Any one please explain me how to attach based on point groups to attach two or more cloths together (similar to component to component constrain in maya) Attaching with animated objects based on groups works fine but if both are cloth objects constrains won't update while simulation. Also my simulation freeze after frame 62 any one please guide me a proper approach. Please check the attachment for reference Cloth Constrains Issue.hip
  11. An example please...
  12. SoftImage Open Souce

    Autodesk Never do this Kind Of Good Things, The real April Fool is "Every year Autodesk product releases"
  13. Sharp edges around fire flame

    If you enable "Sub-Pixel Output" which will give you 3 times larger image without any filters applied, While composting you can scale down to the actual resolution. There you can apply little blur if required.
  14. Based on point numbers you can offset the time using a stamp expression
  15. Fast moving torchfire

    Can you give little more details please