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  1. Python in Houdini : Right or Wrong ?

    If Python solve some task of your project, Why not?
  2. If you have the HoudiniFX license, you can contact sideFX for a conversion I think.
  3. Hey guys I have a curiosity about render, its possible to render just a small rectangle area for a frame which contains the object that is moving and make that way to render all frames? like a per frame crop, to optimize the black render processing for mantra Thanks
  4. Hey guys Im trying to create a hard constraint in some points of a tetrahedralize geometry, and I apply that s@constraint_name = "hard"; s@constraint_type = "position"; how can I do to stick the ground pieces in my FEM simulation and make the shape behave like soft rubber or iron. Thanks bar_deforming_FEM_v001_t001.hip
  5. RBD packed in Bullet, ptnum change when object is active

    Thanks a lot Tomas and Cameron
  6. Recently I discover something interesting after smash my head against wall for a few days. Im creating a simulation using bullet and packed prims, and I need activate (using i@active variable ) the pieces in choreographed way over the frames But the thing make me crazy is that bullet change ptnum of each packed primitive over the time, and I think is about some priority list inside the algorithm of the solver. because after the simulation I need to atach some atributes for each simulated piece. Then I realize that I need to attach theses attributes before simulation or atach some sort of ptnum tracking for them. bullet activate order points_v001.hip
  7. Hey guys, I recently watched this cinematic from The Crew game And I appreciate some advice to create this piece formation with lines and some kind of voronoi procedural inside. Thanks https://www.vimeo.com/117897084
  8. Useful use of tangent function

    edward, thats fantastic, thanks a lot for the explanation and links.
  9. Useful use of tangent function

    Hey guys in my work daily I use frequently cos, sin, acos, asin, I know that dot is cossine between the given 2 vectors, and the magnitude o cross between 2 vectors is sin of angle between this 2 vectors, this stuff make a lot of sense to me right now. but what I dont recognize yet is the use of tangent, in procedural and simulation stuff. I understand the graphic function but not a usefull use of that in daily work. Can anyone show me simple example of the tangent function? Which I can use in real work. Thanks
  10. thanks iamyog I found a possible solution and works for my deadline, I was using a parent animated NULL at sky rig volume to opposite the movement from the airplane , I removed animation from the container and become static, and increase the shading quality multiplier from mantra node to 4.
  11. Hey guys I have some issues with microvoxel rendering I using 8x8 sampling and volume quality 1 even with this parameters I got the frame flicking, its like density randomize at some places of the clouds. there is some parameters to tweak to get much better frame by frame consistency?
  12. I found the non divergent project nodes have the navier stokes equation hardcoded in c++.
  13. just for curiosity stuff the navier stoke is coded inside Gas project Non Divergent nodes?
  14. Hey guys recently I saw that rest field inside pyro solver, that I read at Stalingrad Article to create flames in SideFX site, but I dont have any idea how to use that , anyone have a document/explanation for this? Thanks