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  1. Retiming Particle Sim

    I also wrote this on qLib's facebook page as well, but this might be a more appropiate forum. I'm trying to retime a flip fluid simulation of an object falling into a bucket of water. How do I get birthtime and relbirthtime on my particles when trail_scatter_qL emits particles on a surface and not in a volume?
  2. RSS Feeds Link Problem

    Happens here too, at first I thought it was my unblock-us.com DNS service, until I realized only odforce links was affected.
  3. Did you figure out the reason to this? I'm getting the same on Ubuntu 12.04 with Houdini 12.1.125. In VEX and VOP the node says "This node is using an incomplete asset definition". They still seem to work fine for me though.
  4. FX Reel - Anders Heilemann looking for work

    Reel: http://andersheilemann.com Please share your thoughts. I have a master of science background from Medialogy at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have studied Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. I'm... - Interested in all opportunities, including entry level positions, interning, freelance jobs etc. - Willing to relocate for experience (currently in Copenhagen). - Available now. Best Anders Heilemann a.heilemann@gmail.com