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  1. HOT for Houdini 13

  2. Does anybody know how to change the splash screen? It used to be in /houdini/pic/splash.pic (or something like that) but they have obviously changed that already.
  3. Bifrost vs Houdini

    Everybody steals from everybody, that's has been the case before and that's how is gonna be, of course avoid getting sued though
  4. HOT for Houdini 13

    Recompile doesn't work on H13 sadly, some functions in the framework are depreciated... Oh, well.
  5. Flip Fluid Sand Girl

    yep, it works with 12.5 now, but it doesn't really work with cached geometry though
  6. Fluid source, alembic file

    I usually change the alembic to "use houdini geometry" (inside the alembic options). Its actually pretty nice that now Houdini 12.5 supports UV information in the alembic file so you can export it to any software that supports alembic and rock on Oh, almost forgot to mention that scatter points from source on alembic object doesn't work in the latest build of Houdini, it will be fixed (hopefully) in H13. I personally prefer 12.5.316.22
  7. Alembic Fracture

    Yeah, I think I got it. Not as complicated like you said. I wanted to somehow still drive the geometry using the alembic cache and slowly transition into the RBD sim, was going look nicer that way. Right now I just write out the frame I want to shatter, read it back in and activate the pieces with activevalue, - not ideal but it works. The rest of the geometry is deformed with cloth capture/deform. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Alembic Fracture

    Thanks man, but here's my problem: Check out this setup, it works e.i. fractures the geo cached object, but the problem is that when it moves its pieces start flying around because are driven by the RBD and the geo cache animation at the same time. I'll try activating/ deactivating them, hopefully that works. Let me know if you have any ideas though. Thanks!
  9. Alembic Fracture

    Ok, I think I got it, but it has some weird results. When I sim the fractured object, some pieces fall to the ground and some are still affected by its geo cache animation and also trying to act as dynamic objects which results in some weirdness. Its definitely tricky
  10. Alembic Fracture

    Thanks Nick, I think the cloth capture/deform is the way to go, importing FBX crashes Houdini every time! The only part I wasn't sure is how to connect the cloth deform node to the rest, I can't seem to find the example files online Thanks for the tip!
  11. Alembic Fracture

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it's possible to voronoifracture and have an RBD sim of an animated object brought into Houdini using the Alembic import (which means geo cache). My problem is that after I fracture it the pieces change randomly over time. Is there any solution fo that? So, basically you import an alembic animated (deforming) object and dynamically fracture it over time and still retain its animation throughout the timeline? I was trying to find something like that online, but so far haven't seen if its even possible.
  12. Batch rendering with IPR?

    Yeah, but I want to batch render 400 frames like that, for some reason the IPR render is way faster than the normal batch rendering, which is (in my case) unrenderable.
  13. Batch rendering with IPR?

    I tried, it doesn't look the same. I maxed out all settings still looks horrible, nothing like the rendered image I'm doing in the render window, unless there's some crazy trick to it.
  14. Batch rendering with IPR?

    Hello guys, does anybody know if its possible to do a batch render with the IPR? (the same renderer that renders the preview window inside Houdini). I searched and searched but couldn't find anything that states if it's possible or impossible.
  15. Green Lantern'light effect

    I have also worked on Green Lantern, and I had to match closely what was done at Sony imageworks. I did several shots matching the green energy using my own rig done in Maya, with blend shaped curves animated with a cluster of them on top of the blendshape animation, emitting millions of particles with tons of turbulence and very little conserve.