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  1. Adding velocity into cvex?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows how to implement velocity from points into a cvex shader? Thanks Chris
  2. Shark Out of Water

    Here's one that's slower...I also modified the comp a little more... http://vimeo.com/36463649
  3. Shark Out of Water

    Hey Igor, Thanks for the input and the ref!! Yea, I had a slow mo version of the scene, but had trouble uploading it. But, retiming the animation is a good idea, as well as maybe doing something with the environment. I'm beta testing H12 right now and doing all this in Houdini. It seems to be working very well. Thanks again and I hope to have some updates in the near future. Chris
  4. Shark Out of Water

    Hey Guys, Here's a little side project I've been working on...I still would like to add some foam and maybe improve the comp more, but I wanted to get it out...any feedback would be great!! Thanks Chris sharkSplash_Final.mov
  5. Ripples on water sim mesh...

    Hey Marc and Ian, Thanks for the reply guys! I'll have to give those suggestions a shot and see if it works. I've tried laying down a mountainSOP and animating the offset, but this messes with the topology of the splash. I then tried grouping out only everything but the splash itself so I won't get my noise running through the splash, but that seems to create the same problems. Thanks again! Chris
  6. Ripples on water sim mesh...

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how I would generate ripples on a FLIP splash sim after its been simulated and meshed w/o messing up the topology and w/o using the HOT tool. Thanks Chris
  7. Creating a Water Canon Effect....

    Hey Albert Thanks for the reply!! Yeah, I'm using POP's and that seems to be working really nicely. I did mesh the core, but it looked sloppy and unrealistic. I think with this fine of spray, POP's is the way to go, but maybe taking your advice and use volumes to create a finer mist. Thanks again!! Chris
  8. Creating a Water Canon Effect....

    Hey Guys I'm trying to create a water canon effect similar to this: Check out 1:45I was wondering what is the best way to approach this? Thanks Chris
  9. Caustics in H11???

    Hey Ben Thanks for the quick response...the only problem is that I want all the shadows, caustics, reflections, etc. to show up...only without the "floor" surface. When I use the "phantom" option, this doesn't work. Any other suggestions? Thanks again. Chris
  10. Caustics in H11???

    Thanks guys!!! The tubecaustic.otl was very helpful...but, I had one other question. Is there a shader such as the "use background" shader in Maya in Houdini? Or if not, is there a way to achieve the same effect? Thanks. Chris
  11. Caustics in H11???

    Hey Guys I'm rendering some glasses and trying to use caustics in h11. I was wondering how do you render caustic using the caustic light? The old way was to set up two mantra nodes, one being the photon map generator and the other your pbr node, but since lighting has changed in h11 how would you go about setting this up? I have a spot light, a point light, and a caustics light. I want the point light to light the scene and the spot light to be used to generate photons. I know that under the light mask in the caustics light I have to specify to use the spot light, but how do I render the scene using the light from the point light and the photons from the spot light? Thanks. Chris
  12. switching from one static object to another....

    I figured it out...easier than I thought, just had to set the creation frame.
  13. Hey guys I'm in the process of shattering a wine glass with particle fluid in it. I have two static rbd objects that are written out to file, then read back in to interact with the fluid. The only problem I have is that when I place a switch node in the network to switch between the whole glass and the fractured glass simulation it doesn't work. I keyframed the the switch node and right when its suppose to switch to the fractured glass...it doesn't show up. I've tried using separate solvers, but that didn't work either. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Chris
  14. Particle fluid traveling down pipe....

    Hey Peter Thanks for responding to my question...I'll have to give those things a try. I also had one more question: I've created a wine glass and want to fill it with particle fluid, then I want to shatter it with the "make breakable" node and have the fluid pour out when this happens. I tried to set this up but when my collision object goes to break the wine glass with the fluid in it, houdini bugs out on me (crashes or the fluid dissapears w/some of the glass pieces). Is this type of simulation possible? Thanks again Chris
  15. Hey guys, I have what seems to be a fairly simple thing to do, but somehow can't quite execute it. I need to have a particle fluid traveling down the inside of a pipe, but I need control over it and where it swirls. My fluid has to be a viscous gel like substance, so the speed can't be really fast like water. I have the consistency right, but my question is how do I control where my fluid will go? Thanks Chris