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  1. Randomly make sneakers

    Good Morning Keyframe, Thank you for comments. I try to work with POPs as you suggested but I have problem now me not understand. I make new post in effects section about this: Post in Effects Section I now realize, I make mistake, the sneakers will not be the same, there will be different sneakers, and shoes so I have to make 400 different soles, tops, laces. No problem. My problem is to attach particles to the obects in their exact location and not move so they appear in their exact locations at random times. Any informations you can provide would be very much helpful. If you have time to post a sample hip file with sample geometry (box, tube, etc) that would be great also. As far as expression to determine which geo object to birth.....I have no idea what expression would be. I am very thankful for your help please, Perry
  2. Attach particle to objects

    Hello, I know we can attach objects to particles but how do me attach particles to objects. If I have various objects in the right position (initial position) and me want to attach 1 particle to each object and control birth of each object via particle? or better for example: If I have a collection of objects or sops that is piped into a mergeSop and I want to birth them randomly over 100 frames how to I attach particles to these object/sops so that they get birth informations from particles but keep their exact positions. me makes sense to you? Thank you
  3. Hello, I like advise on how to do effect. I want to make many many sneakers and make them appear in random order. But I want them to appear in random stages like sole first then I want the outer skin to appear then I want shoes laces to appear. All of the stuff: sole, outer skin, shoe laces are already modeled in 1 object. I not find a display operator or show-hide operator that I can animate. How do I randomly make maybe 400 of same sneaker in different location and make sneaker appear randomly in premodeled stages? Maybe I use particles? I don't want them moving I just want them to appear? Thank you for advise, Perry
  4. Let's vote

    I like the features of the upgraded forum. I don not care for the new color scheme very too much. But I not hate it. The only thing I really not like is the new buttons for add reply, new topic, new poll, etc. Me thinks the old site was easier on the eye. At end of day, me not care too much because the informations on this website is more important to me than looks. Thanks to you Marc for your hard work, Perry
  5. hello, You are rocking! Thank you very much for help. I am able to source your script and play the animation. I will now study this. Thank you very much for assistance. Perry
  6. Hello Keyframe, Thank you for reply. I tried poly extrusions with groups selection and it works ok but I have to create many groups and polyextrusions for many variations. It's ok though. For the script example you posted, I need little bit more help. I never source text file before so I dunno what to do. I save your script to my d:\test.txt. In texport I get error can't open d:\test.txt Is there special place I must put this file? with special extension? I not understand I need valid geometry. Are you saying in textport I should cd to valid geometry folder? I check help source but it no say anything where to put file. Thank you for help
  7. hello everybody, I am having big headache with rand(). I want to randomize extrusion of edges or translation of points but me not understand how. I make grid sop and I select all edges on far right (3 edges) and I append polyextrude sop. Now I want to extrude these 3 edges in x direction but I don't want them all to extrude same time. I want to randomize the extrusion so maybe 1st edge is extruded 1.0 2nd edge is extruded 1.5, etc. I also tried using points and connecting point sop with no luck when trying to translate random points.. I want to do animation so they start extruding and different times but end up in same place like at frame 100. I thought clamp would be good idea for this animation but I am lost. Any help you give makes me much thankful, Perry
  8. FontSOP with SubdivideSOP problems

    Hello, please nevermind this thread. I found my solution. I should have continued with the polysplits I just had to connect all of the points by added an edge now everything is nice and clean. Thanks for reading anyway
  9. Hello, I'm having a difficult time with subdividing the fontSop. I'm trying to make the letter P and extrude it and the subdivide the final result. So my network is like this: 1-Font 2-PolyExtrude 3-Subdivide The problem is twofold. First the face of the font is planar and second the letter P has a hole in it which is giving me troubles when I subdivide the final mesh. I thinks planar is the proper word for this. I thought I was slick and tried various polysplits but that gave me ugly results. Can anyone shed some light on how I can create clead subdivided text? Thanks
  10. What version of Houdini do you use?

    I'm using Houdini 6.1.206 on Windows XP and Gentoo Linux. Version 6.5 and 7.0 was too buggy for me. I also need the online help which does not happen to work properly in the new version. Meshsmooth: If Windows in on your first partition, first hard drive (/dev/hda1) try adding this to the bottom of the grub file: vi /boot/grub/grub.conf title=Windows XP rootnoverify (hd0,0) chainloader +1 Perry
  11. SpiderMan 2

    I just saw it tonight. It was freaking awesome! Fight sequence blew me away and I love how they work the camera. I feel like I'm flying around New York City with Spidey. Really amazing work by the guys at Imageworks.
  12. Houdini job

    I've been watching this thread in sidelines. I was getting a bit frustrated with my slow process of learning. I honestly was going to quit because I didn't think I could do it since it seems that houdini is very overwhelming for me. I completed all of the pdf & video sesi tutorials and did the buzz module 1 and this stuff hasnt' sink in my brain yet. Now after reading everybodys comments, I'm going to stick with it. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread because it is inspiring to me. Thanks to baq for starting the thread. Perry
  13. I'm studying the math now. I really wish I paid more attention in high school instead of chasing after the girls. Correction, I wish I paid more attention to math class AND chase after the girls. It is funny because I understand vector math but I'm am lost in trying to understand trig functions. Now that I am also study c/c++, houdini remind me of visual programming. I think sibarrack said it here on sesi forum. Where each node/operator is like function and when you wire something in you are passing input parameters to the function and the output of the operator is like the return value. Maybe I messed up this whole concept with my sloppy grammer?
  14. OP Madness

    hehehe funny
  15. happy Birthday steveJB

    Happy Birthday!