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  1. Hey guys We have some exciting, unusual and creative projects ahead and are looking to strengthen our team full-time and freelance in our east London studio and remote. Get in touch! www.field.io/jobs + apply@field.io
  2. City of Drones

    Hey guys! Im happy to share with you our http://cityofdrones.io - an interactive futuristic landscape. A project with musician John Cale (The Velvet Underground) and speculative architect Liam Young. All 3d assets were procedurally generated in Houdini (drones, architecture blocks etc) and then imported into a customised Three.js based WebGL engine. Runs best on Chrome and a fairly recent + powerful machine. Hope you enjoy! M
  3. Hey Memo Nice to see you here ;-) I think what you want to do could be achieved in an easier fashion by triggering a short python script to launch hbatch to render that particular ROP in the background. I do this all the time using my fd_file_cache asset (part of https://github.com/field/FieldKit.otl That way you can continue to work and tweak other parts of your network while the ROP is caching away in the background (even works across sequences if your SOPs arent time dependent) hope that helps M
  4. constrain multiple objects to a plane

    Oh wow - thanks Tomas! Your example works fine, but when i try to apply it to my fractured rigid body object only one of the elements is constrained to the plane. Will try and experiment a bit more, but at least that points me in the right direction ...
  5. constrain multiple objects to a plane

    @Tomas that's exactly what Im trying to do - is there a simple way to do this? I tried an apply data + position node after gravity but that didnt seem to affect anything. @Kuba the relationship dop is a bit overwhelming, but it seems that once i have the plane constraint working for a single object that behaviour could be copied onto all other objects with it?
  6. Hey Peeps, Im new to Houdini and currently trying to get into its dynamics system. Ive setup a simple scene that looks like a 2D arcade game (super mario) - multiple elements fall down and collide with the 'level' geometry - that all works fine. Now I'd simply like to constrain the falling elements to always stay on a 2D plane (z=0) but cant figure out how to setup the DOP nodes. I guess one would use a Constraint + Hard Connection Relationship + Anchor Object Space Position + Anchor World Space Position nodes - correct? If so how do you set them up so the constraint works with all elements of the fractured object? Any tips / help please? Cheers Marcus