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  1. Pyro collision visible voxels

    Hi thanks for the reply Cody, I've tried increasing the res of the collision geo but this didnt really seem to make any difference. It's set to about double the resolution of the sim so i'd have thought that shouldn't effect it? The volume blur definitely helps but I was hoping to have the volumes quite crisp. I'm going to try a much higher res sim and see if they disappear. Is there any issues with increasing the resolution past a certain point? Is it better to scale up the collision and source geo instead? I am using the Gas Enforce Boundary dop to remove heat from the collision but i don't think this is the issue? Seems to still occur without it but just adds the problem of the smoke escaping the collision geo as well. As always any advice greatly received. Cheers Chris
  2. Hello All, Im in need of some help, I have a pyro sim thats happening inside a collision object (a head). All is ok but where the smoke builds up against the edges of the object you start to see the voxels of the sim. I know this is mainly because i have the density ramped up quite a bit but is very any way to smooth this out? Increasing the res helps but they are still visible. I've also tried using the volume mix to subtract the inverted head shape from the smoke sim with moderate success but still doesn't really work with high density. Any help would be great. Thanks Chris
  3. Particle Growth Test

    Hi Mala, Try looking at using the age of the particles to control the growth. If you add an age sop inside your particle network this will give you some attributes that should help you out. Chris
  4. dll errors

    Hi, Just tried this but unfortunately still no luck. Thanks for the help though.
  5. dll errors

    Thanks for your help, I don't have an antivirus running so shouldn't be that. I think it's time to backup and reinstall Windows. Cheers again fo rthe help Chris
  6. dll errors

    Hi, Thanks again for getting back to me. No all of the PYTHON variables are set to '<not defined>' and so is the PATH variable. Is this correct? I've never tampered with any of the enviroment settings etc. as to be honest I wouldn't really know what I was doing.
  7. dll errors

    Hi, I've tried removing all the autodesk products (Motion Builder and Softimage demos) but still getting the same error. On the config, HOUDINI_PYTHON_VERSION := '<not defined>' I get the same errors when trying to use an older 12.1 version as well. Thanks again. Chris
  8. dll errors

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I don't have a stand alone version of python installed but I do have a few autodesk programs, do you think these could be potentially causing the conflict? Cheers Chris
  9. dll errors

    Hi, For quite a while now i've been getting various dll errors with some parts of Houdini. Specifically when I try to load mplay from the command line or when I try to login to the orbolt store making it impossible to use. Does anyone have any ideas of how to solve this? I think the errors occured after one of the windows updates but i'm not sure which one really. I've tried completely uninstalling Houdini and starting from scratch but still no joy. Any help would be great.
  10. Dynamics that follow animation

    There was a post a while ago by Macha that I think achieves what you are looking for.
  11. Invisible object Mask

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, this would work but ideally i'd like to have it all work under one render pass as it's quite a long render. However it seems that maybe it's not possible. Thanks again for the reply. Chris
  12. Invisible object Mask

    Hi, I have a set up where I have an object in the center of some wires, I don't want the object to appear in the main render but I do want it to appear in a seperate matte pass that i've set up so that I can use it in compositing. Does anyone know how I can get this working? I've tried just setting a shader to 0 opacity but then the matte pass doesn't seem to come through either, is there anyway to override this? Any help would be great. Thanks Chris
  13. Hqueue Problem

    Hi, I've decided to try and set up Hqueue to utilise a couple of our machines and i'm running into some trouble and was hoping someone could help me out. I've setup the server on Ubuntu 12 and i've added the server machine as a client and that works fine, however when i try to add another machine through the web interface it adds the client and installs the HQClient folder and user etc. but i get no heartbeat and no info on the machine? I'm trying to connect to a Mac running osx but i get the same result trying to connect to a Laptop running Ubuntu so i don't think it's an OS thing. If i try to restart either machine i get "Failed to restart 'My-Computer': coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found" Just wondering if anyone had run into the same problem? Any help would be great. Cheers Chris
  14. mcbiovision problem

    Hi, I'm trying to open some bvh files using mcbiovision -w in the terminal but i keep getting "unable to open ?.cmd for writing". Can anyone help me out? I used this a year or so ago and all was fine yet now it won't work on any files, not even the file that i'd used it on in the past? Any help would be great. Thanks - I've taken another look and if you execute it from the shell inside Houdini it seems to work fine. Apologies for the post.
  15. Additive Attribute Transfer

    Awesome thank you Ford that works a treat. Thanks again.