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  1. Hi, I know this is an old thread but seems there's no solution to this issue. I can successfully use vertex attributes using PXR_primvar nodes but I still can't make motion blur work. Pixar doesn't provide any information about this specific issue and no information exist on the internet regarding this. Any idea?
  2. Thank you IhabAli, very useful piece of code. I was scratching my head with overlapping sticky collisions for a long time.
  3. Thank you Bunker, A simple hip would be great if it's possible.
  4. Hi Skybar, I have the same problem. Can you elaborate more on this method? Thanks in advance.
  5. Nice Stuff! and yes, a video recording would be great.
  6. Very good indeed. Thank you Tomas.
  7. I also wanna correct the previous posts I made. Thanks to Eric who pointed this out, the Transform vops (current space to NDC) are not needed (that's why it was exporting different values in X and Y). Houdini just converts everything in shaders to camera space by default. So, as NDC is normalised to the output frame ratio, it's not appropriate for exporting accurate motion vectors. Here I ' ve attached a hip with the fixed shader and a Nuke script with a direct comparison between the old shader and the new one without the space transform vops. moVecTests.rar
  8. Hey Eric, I don't have RSMB right now to test it, but given some previous experience with it and the math from the link above, this Hip should work. Let me know how it goes with RSMB. rsmb_moblur_fix.hip
  9. Bind vops introduced in H12 or H12.5 and they supposedly have a faster evaluation than the old Parameter node. Actually I've never compare them in such a way to notice any speed difference, but I like bind nodes because they are much faster to set up as there are 2 options to choose when you hit the tab key: Bind and Bind export (it's actually the same node with different settings for importing or exporting an attribute).
  10. Try this one, Actually for the fur to work, You need to increase the geo samples (as you already noticed) to something greater than the default value of 1. motionVectors_Fur.rar
  11. Hmm, actually the same settings I use for curve (fur) rendering with motion vectors and had no problem. Maybe for very fine hair you need more pixel samples and geo/xform samples or try exporting the motion vectors image plane with no filtering.
  12. This is a way of exporting motion Vectors to Nuke (vector blur node), at least it works for me. I've also attached a nuke script to get the whole picture of how it works. Just render the example sequence at the default folder and open Nuke. motionVectors.rar
  13. Very nice R&D Nick, interesting approach to viscous liquid, I'd like to have a look at the inner workings of your solver if you'd like to share an example hip.
  14. Amazing work Christos, I also like the fact that everything was rendered with Mantra.
  15. Hi, I know that we can add rendering properties in several levels of houdini as in primitives, objects, cameras and output drivers. The thing I've noticed though, is that some rendering properties work well at object or primitive level and some don't. For example, when I tried to add "opacity limit" to two objects and set different values, it didn't override the opacity limit setting of the output driver. In another case though, when I added reflection limit in object level, it worked as it should which lead me to the conclusion that some rendering properties work well in object level and some are uniform. This makes sense for some properties but I don't see the reason why "opacity limit" shouldn't work at object level. Is this as it suppose to work or am I doing something completely wrong? Any advise could help.
  16. Excellent, It's always nice when new TD teaching coming up. Good luck Nick!
  17. Wow, I see this is your first post here, so welcome. It's always nice to see threads like this. Nice rig and thanks for the otl. Personally,I love character rigging and from the first time I switched from Maya to Houdini, I knew that in the right hands, it could become the best tool for this purpose. Rigging is all about extreme control where Houdini really excels.
  18. Probably it's the self containing all the FEM (Finite Element Method) simulation goodies...
  19. I've never did any particle work in POPs. SOPs and DOPs was my primary particle tools for everything particle related. For me, Deep compositing and OpenEXR 2 is the big thing in this sneak peak.
  20. Not really special, It deals mostly with auto rig stuff.
  21. This is true. It's a real pity, Houdini doesn't receive the respect it deserves concerning character rigging and animation. After some thorough investigation on how Houdini can stand against Maya or XSI concerning character rigging, I'm pretty convinced that with the help of some custom tools and tweaks Houdini can be the best tool for this purpose. Anyway, the 3DBuzz series of rigging tutorials are the most advanced I've found. Please take a look at this link. http://www.3dbuzz.com/store
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