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  1. Hi guys,girls and mates, How would you process Point Cloud into Fixed size VDB container ? Currently I notice there is "VDB from Particles" node - but it not represent any fixed voxel grid count. any workflows ideas are welcome, thank you ! Barak.
  2. Delete geomtery inside geomtery.

    Given geometry - I need to scatter points only on the surface. the problem is - there is geometry also inside the geometry. How can I get only the surface ? how would you delete inner surface inside a surface ? so far tried to convert to volumetric. I can also try and create new surface space from many camera projections. any other tricks ? thanks added free gun from turbo-squid with inside geometry in it. thanks gun.obj
  3. Geometry attribute Array examples

    Unpack and Capture Data node explain everything :-)
  4. Geometry attribute Array examples

    Hi to all, Its been long time since I actually had to use Houdini. Someone can help me with link or example to the following . I want to round every weight float attribute in the boneCapture array. looking for example to all methods , such as Vop Vex Python Attribute Wrangle etc... Also - I tried to access the point array attribute but i`m not really understand how i`m write it down \ what is the type of the attribute .from looking on the spreadsheet. thank you for the help boneCaptureAttribs.bgeo
  5. Hi! I got the best ever Power Mac G5 quad core with crazy Quadro4500 GPU What is the last Houdini build to run on OS X Leopard 10.5.8. and where I can download it. thank you for the help.
  6. 2D effecint Blob Effect Houdini.

    I`m look for efficent way to create this effect and control it procedurally : http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/12586/illustrator-how-to-merge-to-circles-and-rectangle-in-illustrator-from-this-sket I have attached something for warm-up blob_case.hipnc
  7. 1.Given Model with UV. (beveld box) 2.The model connect to CopySop. 3.CopySop creates parameters with random numbers using $PT and ready for stamping. 4.Random numbers need to change image name in cop so will able to get random color map texture in the end of the network. 5.End of the cop network refrenced to the color map in the material of the given model. or in short - simple procedural texture that changes according to point number and refernced to the copied model local material. what is the best way to do it ? before I`m start to attach groups and materials :-). Update: I have Done it with material groups, If anyone hae better way of doing it I will happy to know. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71150723/barakooda_site_do_not_delete/houdini_questions/copy_sop_images/copy21.hipnc Thanks! Barakooda copy.hipnc
  8. Hello ! Any Idea how to use render node inisde COP to use OPENGL nude ? (easy render click thru cop network)
  9. Any known\recomanded workflow to use iPi mocap studio FBX for animation in houdini ? Example file B.
  10. Photorealistic ... render Help.

    Thank you Guys , I will update the work soon as I get to sit on it again .
  11. I`m ussaly not render at all, Any Tips, Hints , Ideas to help me learn how to create realistic render with mantra would be very helpful ! project file

    My friend ask how to to be sure his DCP format will be broadcast as expected. Any work-flows you using and know that they works without test on physical projectors will be welcome . B.
  13. Question to Mark Alexander (The Great)

    Thank you Marc\k ! What about creating hip file for benchmark ? you think it can be useful ?
  14. Hi Mark ! Thank you for answering all our hardware\view-port questions, I want to ask\suggest, why wouldn't sidefx \ users create simple HTML page with recommended hardware to run Houdini... anyway you, me and others test cards \ hardware on houdini, I wonder if its possible to create wiki page that shows for example , cost effective, minimal, optimal,value selected video cards to work with Houdini. Also simple benchmark, so users will able to test by them selfs and send thier results ... this way maybe many questions about hardware can be answered in one simple internet page... or maybe its already exist ... Recent questions that comes up in my head recently : AMD VS Nvidia Ge-force 5xx VS 6xx VS Quadro VS \ With Tesla More Cores VS Clock rate\speed and to which will contribute to what : SOP,Particles,Dynamics,Render, etc .... SSD VS HD to read faster geometry files.... Cost effective RAM... what do you think ? keep the great work! Barak