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  1. Thank you,it did the job
  2. Good evening guys, I stuck with a problem. 1- I have a mesh that comes from particle flip simulation. 2- I painted a curve over it and I applied a point deform to stick the curve over the time. As expected,due to topology changing, the curves became crazy. Anyone have some ideas how to solve this? I imagine I should go with something different than point deforming. Thank you in advance, M.
  3. Water Mill - Houdini fluids

    Good evening, Here's one of my R&D tests about Flip fluids in new Houdini release. //Some tec info Flip Particles:about 12 mil Mesh Polys: about 4 mil poly Sim time: 4 Hours Frames: about 300 Machine specs: I7, 8 GB Ram // hope you'll like it, Mirco Here's the video http://vimeo.com/39265315
  4. Houdini Thesys...And Fluent

    Hi all, I'm working on my gradutation Thesys in witch I'll make some liquid simulation comparison between Fluent and Houdini. I'll attach a pdf in wich is described a liquid simulation made with Fluent...I can't achieve that setup to have the similar results in Houdini:The shape that assumes the liquid in the simulation step illustrated in the pdf...Can someone help me to achieve that correct setup?many thanks... I've tried both sph and grid based fluid. FLUENT - Tutorial - VOF - Drop Ejection from a Printhead Nozzle.pdf
  5. Liquid Controlled Fire

    Hi, here's another of my studies. This time a PyroFx effects controlled by a secondary liquid simulation. Hope you enjoy, http://www.vimeo.com/18212851
  6. Parting Red Sea

    Thanks for the suggestions man! Here's some updates: Update: Added some noise variations to get a more organic and interesting shaping. Putting some environment. http://www.vimeo.com/18169527
  7. Parting Red Sea

    I am participating to the last CGTALK FX contest and I've choosen to make a tribute to Ten commandments movie. It's only an inspiration for the general fluidi Dynamics and this is my first wip, Starting to discover a method of my interpretation to divide the ocean. I'll have to have to add some noise at this step. http://www.vimeo.com/18124338 C & C are glad!
  8. Flood through the mountains

    Thanks! No I don't think I'll render it!
  9. Flood through the mountains

    Hi, Here's a R&D simulation that I would insert in my future VFX reel, 8 mil flip particles, 300.000 particles secondary splashes and 8 hours of calulation(sim+meshing once) I simmed at 120 FPS and rescale later to 25 FBS to give the correct scale look. http://www.vimeo.com/17837109
  10. Firebomb

    Thanks! Yeah, maybe the post shake would be better! LOL! Ma dai! E io pensavo che fossimo solo quattro gatti...
  11. Firebomb

    Finally I've finished the simulation! Here's the final composited video! http://www.vimeo.com/17415668
  12. Firebomb

    I'm refining the entire scene, with new plate,new firebomb and new impact fluid Here's the new look of the firebomb. I've simulate more frames to have a better looks, in the final shot I'll accelerate it. http://www.vimeo.com/17323005
  13. Make Breakble and Debris problem

    oh!Thanks :-)
  14. Make Breakble and Debris problem

    Many Thanks... I've quite understand the procedure that you've illustraed but I can't make it work in my scene. I've applied the same node as in the example but I can't emit particles from the fractures...Here's my scene. What's wrong with it? thanks crash.hipnc
  15. Make Breakble and Debris problem

    Hi all, I'm trying to emit debris from a RBD automatic breakable object with no success. I can emit debris from manual fractured object but no with the new "make breakable" tools... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance