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  1. Dops Grouping

    I'm trying to figure out how to group objs in Dops based on Impact data. If there are more than one collision objs I need to group based on only one collision.
  2. Zdepth Render

    Okay, I got it. I was writing out tif's when I should've been rendering pic's.
  3. Zdepth Render

    I thought in Mantra when you include Pz in deep raster it'll add an extra channel 'Pz' to the render if Pz is specified in the plane name. But I'm not getting anything. I can render the Pz to it's own file, but I want to include it with the rendered image.
  4. Implementing Zdepth

    So once I have my zdepth pass, how do I implement it in cops? I'm assuming I'd use the Z composite cop but I can't seem to get anything from that.
  5. Challenge: Flocking Cones

    Okay, so here's my hip file. This uses the Ray SOP to create dist attribute to use with fit function which interpolates between two sets of normals. flocking_cones.zip
  6. Challenge: Flocking Cones

    Okay, so here's my hip file. This uses the Ray SOP to create dist attribute to use with fit function which interpolates between two sets of normals. Sorry this one didn't work. See next posting.
  7. Challenge: Flocking Cones

    Very Nice Lukich. Great use of CHOPs (which I'm still learning). Looks good cpb. How did you do yours? Mine was done in SOPs using the Ray SOP to calculate the distance from the sphere. I'll post my hip file soon. Hey TheUsualAlex, is that your son or you when you were a kid? Bob
  8. Challenge: Flocking Cones

    Nice Lukich, CHOPs huh, interesting. I can't wait to see your hip file. Let's post the hips once we get more responses.
  9. Challenge: Flocking Cones

    Sure Mark, clues are fine. Regardless of what the grid is you can emit from surfaces instead of points and then you can control exactly how many points you what, Impusle Activation $FF==1 Impusle Birth Rate 10. I'm attracting particles to the sphere randonly, so they specify where they're going to hit based on the drag and interact. The key to this effect lies in SOPs with the Ray SOP.
  10. Challenge: Flocking Cones

    Ya, there is a problem with linux but it does play on my pc with winXP. Maybe it's the compression. I've tried a different compression so hopefully it'll work. Sorry about that. Here's the new download. challenge.256x195.sorenson.least.mov
  11. Neglect

    I apologize if I came across kind 'a strong winded. I still am frustrated by the lack of documentation (although I hear that Houdini 7 will have better documentation) but must say that I have learned a lot from Odforce. I do agree that Houdini users are very generous with their knowledge. I believe that if you receive knowledge without having to pay for it that you should give it back, so after I learned something pretty cool I posted it here http://odforce.net/forum/index.php?act=ST&...8125a40c010aec5 I'll upload my hip file after people try the challenge and submit their results.
  12. Description: Flock particles from a grid to a sphere. Copy an object to the particles. The copied objects need to orient themselves in mid flight so they land back on their base. The base of the object needs to sit on top of the grid and the sphere and not intersect them. Must be procedural. See attached mov file Enjoy I'll post my hip file later. challenge.mov
  13. Neglect

    I'm new to Houdini, and very excited about its effects capabilities. When I found out about odforce I was extremely happy to find others who used this severely under-documented piece of software, thinking great!...I'll be able to get some answers along the way. Unfortunately, I've noticed a lot of unanswered questions dating back 2 or 3 years. I've submitted a couple posts with no response, fortunately I found the answer to one of them elsewhere. Just a grip I guess. Why the hell aren't there tones of third party books out there like Maya has. Maya is wonderfully documented. I know it's reached a huge market, but come on, Houdini has some very unique features tailored for us effects guys, and it's been around for several years. I'm hungry to learn but I don't want to feel like I'm taking an I.Q. test everytime I try to do something in Houdini.
  14. Silly Challenge

    Okay Mr FrenchOP, Please disclose brain power. The ice breaking tutorial is easy enough but for the life of me I can't figure out how to group the primitives, but then I'm fairly new to Houdini. I'm sure I'll kick myself when I find out. Thanks
  15. interactive fibre optics

    Emit the amount of particles in the direction you want. Append an interact pop. This will keep the particles from getting to close to each other. Append a split pop and turn off inherit velocity and 0 out varience. Now you should have an obvious trail of particles. Append a drag pop to stop split particles from straying. In sops append an delete sop to popnet and put 0 for group to delete first particle primitive. Append an add sop and for polygons choose by group. Now you have a bunch of organic lines animating. To avoid hitting other objects I suppose you could emit static particles on objects which can be used with interact pop to cause particles to repel when getting too close.