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  1. Hi, I am trying to write a custom plugin to draw text data in viewport using HDK. I am trying to use OGL_Render:: textMove3W and OGL_Render::putString function and calling it from within myCookSop which crashes houdini as soon as I use the putString function. I am also overriding renderShaded function but I am having trouble calling this function. Can anyone point me a piece of code that shows what functions I need to implement and from where and how do I call them. Thanks!
  2. I am trying to write some data to the viewport using 'GL_ViewportFont' class. I declared its object and RE_Render object: GR_ViewportFont *data = new GR_ViewportFont; RE_Render *ren = new RE_Render(0,"viewport"); I am calling data->int label (RE_Render *r, const UT_String &str, const UT_Vector3F &pos, const UT_Vector3F &col, fpreal32 *&dst_points, fpreal32 *&dst_texcoord, fpreal32 *&dst_colors, XPosition xpos, YPosition ypos, fpreal &x_offset) const by passing some constants to this function. As soon as I run Houdini it crashes on this function call. I am creating a SOP node and calling this function from within the cookMySop method. 1. Should I be calling this from cookMy Sop? 2. Am I defining RE_Render incorrectly? Since Houdini does not print out any error on crashing I have no idea where I am going wrong. Does anyone know about this or any other alternate solution ? Thanks!!!
  3. viewport text display !

    Thanks for your reply. Does this mean that I have to implement it as a ROP? I dont have much experience programming in HDK and recently started diving into this. Can you please guide me to any example that demonstrates this or anything that will help me know more about this workflow. Thanks!