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  1. The force curve

    Can you point me to this example file ? I could not find it ..
  2. Really interesting presentation of a paper about Multiple-Scattering Microfacet BSDFs
  3. I am using a 64 Core opteron system with 256Gig of ram. Its great for rendering which really scales very well, but but simulation and cooking seldom uses more than 20% of CPU. Rendering most of the time goes up to 98% .. but sops , pops, ... not so much .. ( at least with H14. had no time to play with H15 till now .. )
  4. Just solved the problem by using and object merging the vdb from the glass object instead of doing the vdb conversion inside of the fluid geo.
  5. Hi I have altered the HIP file this thread provided to move the collision glass around. My question is: Can I avoid rebuilding the VDB of the glass in each frame ? Can I just transform the VDB from frame 1 to match the movement ? The shape of the glass doesnt change so I would guess that it should be possible. fluidGlass.hip
  6. Interesting. I really didn't know about this option.Does it generate intermediate polygons or does it really render the isosurface? Thanks for the tip !
  7. I guess something like sdf surface rendering in 3dcoat would be the way to go .. else you would have to have insanely highres volumes ..
  8. Very nice indeed !! You pan on building an orbolt asset ?
  9. Air Backflow

    Of course I could try to fake it, by emitting air bubbles at the opening of the bottle and add a rotational force inside of the bottle and add a pulsating force which holds back the fluid from time to time to allow air to flow back into the bottle, but I wondered if this could be possible to simulate in houdini ..
  10. Air Backflow

    Has someone an Idea how to simulate the backflow of air in a bottle which gets poured out ? Do I have to create some kind of airfield inside and around the bottle ? Has someone already implemented that kind of effect ?
  11. Maybe everybody except me already knew, but I was really surprised when I realized that it was possible to copy node networks from one instance of houdini into another with ctrl-c ctrl-v !! Just wanted to let the world know about this fascinating feature ;-)
  12. Houdini UI Window

    wow .. just checked out the bitbucket repo .. great work .. I hope this project continues or sidefx comes up with their own native version !!
  13. Alembic ROP problem

    Seems to work now. Was the Root Object set directly to the export object .. thanks a lot !
  14. I just want to write one transforming object ( wire simulation ) into an alembic file to use it as vertex cache in lightwave. I always get some weird message about the object not being in the same object network .. look at the screenshot. What does this message mean and what can I do about it ??
  15. If a node fails to cook I get this nice error message with middle mouse click on the affected node. How can I copy this error message into clipboard, or how can I get those messages into a log file or an email ??