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  1. Caustics in H11???

    Hi, basically what I need is to be able to get the caustic pass to have a transparent layer, as in creating a shadow matte (I know that the shadow pass is defined by the geo but what im saying is when the shadow matte is created it has that transparency for the rest of the image) thus you get the shadow and the rest of the image is transparent. Im going to be casting coloured caustics so I wanted the layer/matte to have the colour info where the caustics are cast and to have the transparency around the rest of the layer. Any thoughts? I will bear the .exr and .rat files in mind next time so thanks for that pointer : )
  2. Caustics in H11???

    Hi, thanks for having a look at this, I had seen the tube example and at first glance thought that the object mattes (obj_matte_pointlight_photons_direct_diffuse) created in the image planes were going to give me the result I was looking for. The problem however is still there, even in the mattes you don't get just light/caustics, there is still geometry there, ground plane and tube. Id like to get the caustics completely free of the objects as you would in a shadows pass. Also, when saving out the obj_matte... to a .tif I expected to actually get what I saw in mplay, however when i open th e .tif its the full image, colour and all, no longer a matte of any sort. How do you save those mattes... as mattes? Im going to have to look at this further thanks for your help, G
  3. Caustic pass

    Hi, im trying to separate my caustics from my ground plane/grid so that i can make use of them in a comp later on. I was hoping that it would work like with shadows using a shadow matte, or something suited to caustics? I was wondering how you approach this and if there is a way todo it (i guess there must be). Maybe its a separate image plane? advice would be appreciated. thanks G
  4. Caustics in H11???

    Hi LaidLawFX, i wonder if you could explain your process a little more. Im trying to produce a separate pass for my caustics but I cant get it with out the ground rendering. I had a feeling you could do it with the shadow matte but I cant figure out your hack. Any example files would be a great help. Thanks G
  5. combining sims

    Nice, thanks Macha.
  6. combining sims

    Hi, how do I combine 2 simulations within one scene. I have some fractured objects that need to interact with a fluid sim. That's all easy enough all in one sim, however I wanted to cache each one separately and couldn't figure the way todo that with it all in one sim so I split it up into 2. Now though the 2 wont interact. Thanks G
  7. Growing crystals on geometry

    Hi Peter, I was just looking through this file, pulling it apart and stripping it down to the bear essentials just so I could understand how it works. Im interested to know how you got the scale_lookup to appear as a ramp in the attrib_create inside the geo scatter example. The basic question is where did the ramp come from that you have some how been able to reference in the attrib_create? It looks very useful, so far ive just painted attributes onto my geo, being able to add more controls to the attrib_create looks great though, can you explain it for me? Thanks G