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  1. Houdini FX Reel 2014

    Hi everyone, I'd like to show you my Houdini FX Reel https://vimeo.com/92329533 Best regards, Filipp Elizarov
  2. How to fetch bullet glue network geometry data during simulation?

    You can fetch the data from dop with object merge - /obj/geo1/dopnet1:Relationships/gluenetworkconstraint1/gluenetwork/Geometry. In H13 they've decided not to update glue network when it broken - instead of this they included group broken.After you fetched glue network you can delete the group broken and you will see the result.Hope that help you.
  3. upres at render

    One approach is to create a cvex shader with gridless advection at render time.Rhythm and Hues has published a few papers about this tehcnique.You can implement it into the shader with inline code or in cvex shader as well.
  4. Dop Guide Geometry import to sops

    But I've found that we can tetrahedralize each pice in Sop transfer all attribs from original geo on it (name and class) and fetch points from dop with orient quaternion and copy each tetrahedralized piece on point and scale each pice on substact your collision margin (dop parm) from each piece - scale x = 1 - collision margin same for y and z and after it will be the same as collision representation in dop.Or just send you tetrahedralized pieces to sop and simulate them and tun off collision margin in DOP.Hope that hell you.
  5. Dop Guide Geometry import to sops

    I've tried to find the way to do that many times but without any luck.For me after tonns of experiments it seem impossible because bullet doesn't give us this data which we can fetch from dop.
  6. smoke collision with already simulated RBDs?

    And one of the best method to cache RBD geometry from dop are points not pack primitives and after that you can use orient attrib to modify your static home or something else - with this method you can add extra details to static geo and copy them on sim points after.Orient is a quaternion which contain relative transformation for each piece - just convert it to matrix and multiply it to P of each piece in vop.
  7. smoke collision with already simulated RBDs?

    1.You can unpack your primitives - convert them to Vdb volumes (sdf) with velocity attrib option and after that you can cache them and use them as static object as proxy volumes or as source in collision mode.But if you're gonna use them in source you should name your sdf's like collision and collisionvel for velocity - vdb is the most efficient and fast method than any other else.Search on sidefx forum and here for files from Johner (VDB collision).Hope that help.Have a good day and sim.
  8. pin with packed?

    Firstly For HardConstraint - both points of your primitive(line) for constraint should have a name attribute (point) for instance piece50 for point0 and piece150 for point1 if they have proper names they will know which points from packed primitive they should constrain together.And secondly both points of your primitive(line) should be in the same position for example in the center of first piece from point0 or point1. Hope it will help you.
  9. voronoi - how do you create groups by seed?

    You can use Assemble sop and turn on Create output groups and turn off Create name attrib if you don't need it in the future.Or in voronoifracture just dive into Groups turn it on and create output groups (delete Interior and exterior groups if you don't need it).
  10. how to shatter with glue constraints?

    Hi hou_nood. First of all - in voronoi fracture - voronoi fracture Connect inside edges should be truned on - by default it turned off always (don't know why Sidefx desided to use off method) Second - Glue network can be created manually with tetrahedralize node or with any method you want - but it should connect piece to piece with edges (create centroids for each piece and draw the lines between them) - and for better work you can use Glue Pieces node (because in your case your setup won't work because you didin't define name attribute on your Glue which will be the same for each piece "name attrib after voronoi fracturing") For example "name attrib(primitive) for piece = piece1" and glue piece for this piece should has the same attrib name (point) = "piece1" Good luck.
  11. Fracture effect Trembling issue

    First of all check your glue pieces node and be sure you use the right name for - (piece - name after fracturing and name in glue cluster should be same). your geometry looks quite concave - and for better convex decomposition you probably can use more pieces and after glue piece you can cluster them into bigger pieces.In dop see to collision pading and adjustment factor it shouldn't be too big and too small.And look at physical tab to assign right material properties.And as well you can increase the number of substeps in bullet solver.
  12. Why we have velocity value in voppop?

    Here is the base formula P += v * TimeInc; v += acceleration * TimeInc; Time inc = 1/$FPS
  13. Bullet Masterclass Question.

    If you'd like to lock your node just click LMB (Left mouse bottom ) to the second flag - second from left side of the node it will be colored in red color.If you'd like to unlock your networrk above this node you should click 1 more time to this flag it will be colored in base grey color.Or if you'd like to modify glue pieces network you should click RMB on this node and click alow editing of contents it will give you a chance to modify glues pieces network.By default Node name colored in blue it means it's a digital asset and locked right now for any modifications , after you will click on alow editing of contents it will be colored red after some modicications you can lock your node by set red flag on it. Think this will help you.
  14. Distance based mask

    You can put any object you want to a group with Group Sop and as you may know or will know each Houdini operator SOP and a lot others can affect all geometry or affect geo by group.Usually its menu on top of each operator and called Group - here you can add your group which previously should be created and affect only on it.Think it will help.(Read carefully about Group sop , Connectivity node + Partition node and Copy node with stamping + read about For Each Sop togeather they are really powerfull)
  15. Distance based mask

    Hi,Just did a small scene for you.Think it will help to understand better how it works. In scene you can move sphere2 and will see the changes. distance.hip