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  1. RAT vs EXR Mipmaps

    The SESI post is a bit old I think. I have tiled and mipmaped exrs (a lot) 7 textures with UDIMs(160 tiles each one of them) . The setup is for htoa and i want to port it to mantra. Anyone knows why is not possible for mantra to use the exr versions? If thats the case, do I need to write a python to convert all of them ?
  2. RAT vs EXR Mipmaps

    Hi all. Any news on that topic? I'm also interested please. Thanks in advance.
  3. custom transform pieces

    Wow that's awesome guys! Thank you all.
  4. custom transform pieces

    Thanks Dennis I have now the same number of pieces on the highres and lowres geos, and I converted the animation and template to points with all the attributes promoted to the points and still doesnt works. I also played with up and N attributes on the points and with orient also but I only get the offset of the position without rotations Any help will be much apreciated.
  5. Hi all. I'm trying to use the transform pieces sop without using a dop simulation. i'm deforming some low res geo and I want to translate their centroid animations to the hi res pieces with no luck at all. Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance. P transform_pieces.hipnc
  6. Any news for this topic? Thanks in advance
  7. Bullet or RBD for fracturing/crumbling effects?

    Hi all. I'm following this topic with a lot of interest and I downloaded the file provided by Menoz. Peter, Is this file doing what you are explaining? if not, could you show us a little example? And I have another question... Adding the attr piece inside the foreches is a good idea? I mean...is it correct in terms of respecting the piece number / order Thank you all for this thread!!
  8. Roof Generator

    I'm trying for about five months to build a straight skeleton setup in houdini without success! Can you give me a hint about your scene? I mean ... is a python sop? attributes and foreaches ...? vex? ... Thanks in advance. -P
  9. curvect & foreach

    Wow that's amazing! Thank you so much to everyone. The key for me was how to concatenate the two foreach nodes crossing the imputs. -P.
  10. curvect & foreach

    I have the same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Pablo.