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  1. Procedural Neuron Model. Please Help

    Thank you very much for your response!
  2. Hi everyone. Can someone give me a few hints on how to proceduraly model a neuron? Just like in image Attached.
  3. Hi everyone. I am just trying to export several vertex vec3 attributes and render them in 3ds Max. So far I can only render 1 attribute, Cd, but I fail with others. Can someone explain the workflow to me? How can I render my custom attributes? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone. I'm former Softimage user and everything related to VOP's is more native for me, so I've tried to replicate attribute wrangle code in attribute VOP. The problem is - it is just not working as it should. I've attached an example file. Inside of a DOP network there is SOP solver connected to constraint relationship network. Can someone dive inside and check mine attribVOP please? There is also working attrib wrangle connected which is working perfectly fine so you would see what effect I'm trying to replicate. Basically if attribute called angle is greater than some value - primitive must be removed. Attrib wrangle does the job, but not the attrib VOP.
  5. i just simply want to combine volume light with gilight for nice light scattering result. result, as expected, is really nice, but there is some kind of error in houdini debugging console: it works like 50/50 - some times it renders properly, but some times whole system just became frozen. i can only move my lagging mouse pointer - nothing works. scenefile - https://www.dropbox..../fire_bug.hipnc also you can watch what kind of effect im talking about - http://clip2net.com/s/5gEG1Y this is only test result, but i cannot continue my tests just because of too frequent crashes.
  6. wetmap test

    Thanks to Peter Quint for such a good tutorial! Here is my little test:
  7. Waterfall effect

    well i think instead of particle-based foam you can use "cold"(negative buoyancy, kind of?) pyro smoke to achieve this kind of falling down mist.
  8. pcopen find farthest point from sampled ones

    with pcfarthest i can only get distance, not point number. if its not hard for you - can you build a little example?
  9. afaik pcopen finds closest points to given one. im need to find the farthest one from found. for example pcopen finds 10 closest points - from that 10 points i need to get P-attrubite from farthest one. can someone help me please? i found point cloud farthest node in vop, but it finds a farthest distance to point - im need to get an P-attribute, not just a distance. thanks.
  10. just a little test of CHOP's in Houdini. The sound sample isnt best for this kind of stuff, but i like AC/DC