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  1. Rigids Vornoi Fracutre

    Thanks vicvvsh . U saved me bro. was stuck with this for quite the time. Is worked. Thank u very much.
  2. Rigids Vornoi Fracutre

    Need help... Not able to understand why the second vornoi fracture giving problem its breaking the connectivity between island. Please have a look at the file the red explode showing individual primitive. Is any thing wrong with the s@name string Please let me know am i doing something wrong. Rigids_Vornoi_Fracture.hip
  3. Rigids Sim

    Got your point buddy. Thanks a lot, will check on to make this correct and working. Thanks for the help Pal.
  4. Rigids Sim

    Hi Guys, Need help I am getting this absurd rotation for the pieces. I don't understand whats getting wrong in here. Below is the file in attachments. Can anyone please help me in resolving the problem. RigidSim_v005.hip
  5. Rigids Sim

    Hi Andrea, Thanks for the reply. My mistake I should have mentioned problem more preciously. The absurd rotation are getting after transferring the primintrinsic values from cached sim pieces to instanced pieces. I believe it related to primintrinsic pivot values in pointwrangle2 , but not able to figure out whats the issue and how to solve it. RigidSim_v005.hip
  6. Shader Tutorails

    Hey Guys, Can any one tell me where can i get houdini shader and texture detail tutorials from scratch.
  7. Hi Guys, Can any one help me with the PQ Leaves tutorials. How can I make leaves system made by PQ in Houdini 15.5 as lot of old parameter has been change. Specially I cant figure out with the rotation and the settling of the leaves on ground. If someone can help me to solve this it would be great help as i am leaning houdini and as a basic of particles i want to understand the rotaion and orientation of the particles.