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  1. Hacked site

    The War with North Korea has begin ?
  2. FacialRigging and mix blendshapes

    Look at the 'sopcreateedit' Hscript command to extract sculpt BS You can also create split BS via VEX(or VOP)
  3. Maybe with the motion FX (CHOP context) you can do that In the Animation editor , scope the 2 bones chains parms , create a channel group for each one , right click on each group , in the menu choose motion fx , create clip motionfx_001.hipnc Dive into the motionfx chop node to adjust your blend
  4. Attribute chooser

    Look at the qlib library , some nodes have this functionality (maybe some python regex )
  5. Limit Soft Selection

    You can always create a group of points that acting like a mask selection. Edit your mesh (edit sop) followed by a simple vop or vex node (with original mesh as second input). and set your mask selection to the second input May be an HDA will be more handy with a parm set to the edited points and another one to the mask selection pts May be a little confuse but here a simple file mask_pts_001.hipnc
  6. 3ds Max Link Constraint in Houdini

    Did you watched this video ?
  7. How to make a skinned sweep that can be subdivided ?

    Dive into the resample node , and change 'Treat Polygon as', to see difference or ... edit your profile curve sweep_box_001.hipnc
  8. [SOLVED]Skin or Sweep A Twisting Rope

    i don't try the hda but take a look here :
  9. Bunch of thoughts on SubD modeling in Houdini

    did you try the hud sliders ? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/hud_sliders.html
  10. Bunch of thoughts on SubD modeling in Houdini

    by 'switch parameter ' , do you mean prests ? If so, look here : https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/presets/
  11. inverskin rotation offset

    Hye The Curve Normal attribute control the twist of the bones May be this can help you bones_on_curve_twist_001.hipnc
  12. Installing a new version of Houdini 16 on Ubuntu?

    cd to your different location ($HFS),source and run or create alias in your bashrc file(is that work ?)
  13. (Novice) Align a selection to point

    Use an edit sop node , select your reference point (the yellow one)with the handle tool , copy the pivot location(let's say x), select the points you want to align , revert to default the pivots values (000) , paste tour previous value and scale to 0 in the right axe, commit at the end
  14. How to parent constrain objects

    Your transformations are not at sop (geometry) level but at the chop level , and the final output at the object level, so it's exactly what you want. Why the constraint network is inside sop , i don't know , perhaps to mimic maya hierarchy ( as in the outliner). parent_cnst_test_001.hipnc
  15. How to use len() ?

    just write i@size =len(i[]@parm); I must admit that houdini and arrays it's a big story.
  16. Try the attribute SOP node, for more details look at this video (seen last week so ...) :
  17. Bird rig

    Hy Anto , The purpose of the file i posted is to show that if you dive into the bone at sop level , you can query some useful info without using any sort of "m4 * invert + local - maya" If you create a point with an add sop , at (0,0,0) location it correspond to the root of the bone , at (0,0,-length), you get the tip. That's it ! It just act more like a point helper and is limited to position (no orientation) PS : your posts are always instructives
  18. Look here : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/optransform
  19. Bird rig

    Look inside the bones (SOP level).Hope it helps you. PS :What is the purpose of the boxes ?????? wing_01_a_078.hipnc
  20. Pose Library for objects hierarchy

    Strange it works for me , here's a sample example file (very simple), your chop is already connected to your obj xform , look at the channel chop or the name of the channel , you have something like my_object:channel_name (null2:rx for example) Bonne continuation avec le Hou ! simple_pose_001.hipnc
  21. Pose Library for objects hierarchy

    Is the pose libary really necessary? Have you tried to set up a channel group (in the animation editor) This channel group just act as set of channels. from the aim editor , right click the group and go to motionfx--> create pose It will create a chop network for you with channel chop with many differents poses (so differents channels chop) , the set export button apply the desired pose to your object. Hope it help you
  22. Hie everyone, I'm using the surface CHOP constraint ,with mode set on Closest Distance , it works well but it only output xform SRT channels and i need the resulting uv position on the surface, I' ve found a solution but too complicated to setup.(SOP + expr + ....). Did someone know how to do it in CHOP ? Thanks
  23. Random link of interest

    HAPPY HOUR (MONTH???) SIGGRAPH 2016 Conference Content (for a limited time) : http://www.siggraph.org/learn/conference-content