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  1. LONG HAIR does not follow guides.

    So. How to convert this mash to curves for use as guides? http://dropmefiles.com/ZhGnU
  2. Guys, I need help with long hair! Hair does not follow through guides. Someone understands? All the details in the picture! HIP and OBJ: long_hair.zip
  3. Why hair grow? - windforce DOP

    correct time for such a hardware?
  4. Why hair grow? - windforce DOP

    Really?! Show me with my project PLEASE
  5. Why hair grow? - windforce DOP

    Guys, what I'm confused at all. That Elasticity to do? As if I did not change - these problems are not cleaned. Remove hands after the cache is not an option, they are very different places appear. teapot_fur_015_character_fur.hipnc dance_balet_264F.abc.zip
  6. Why hair grow? - windforce DOP

    ну нате
  7. Hello! I did a small animation test with simple transformations by noise node. But for fur simulation I need the object to remain resting at first frames . How do I change the channels? teapot_anim.hipnc
  8. Why hair grow? - windforce DOP

    What hair does not grow? Standard sphere, Add Fur and Add Dynamics from Fur shelve. At the end of the dynamics the standard windforce dop. Why is this happening and how to stop the growth? Something trail SOP in guides, huh? http://youtu.be/Qr-2cM2vtrc simple_sphere_fur_bug_01.hipnc
  9. Hello! I'm a little confused with my license. --- There are some questions: 1. What's going on? see picture! What does Access Mode: LOCKED ? Why is locked? What does Access Mode: LAL? How to return all of these licenses for new computer? Or How to clean this list? 2. Can I use a key of Houdini Apprentice HD, that I purchased for 12 version in 13 release?
  10. Is there a way to see the glass shader transparency so it is possible to see behind it?
  11. Glass shatter

    Hello everybody! Please help me with an assignment. I got a bullet that must brake glass, vase and go through them. I have four problems: 1) I can't make a partition of glass so it looks like a real broken glass. I found a small example in this forum, where the points are taken on the basis of a circular spline, but it still does not look like a real glass. Look at the pictures. There is an idea to set points directly on the picture, but I want this system like Asset, which does something similar. 2) The second problem is the lack of strength of impact of the bullet. Usually I have it only passes through the first layer of glass and then stuck in a vase. How to make a shot powerful enough so the bullet flew through all the objects as real? 3) The third problem: Both the glass and the vase, are gotten broken where the bullet gets them. But when big pieces of glass fall on the ground they don't break to smaller pieces. If I just add the number of points for the Voronoy, then in the simulation they all break in the first frame. How can I make the large pieces to break not only in the air, but also then they contact with the ground and other pieces. Got any ideas? 4) The last issue - I do not understand how to translate all of this simulation to 400 FPS. If I'm just translating, then the bullet looses speed and it doesn't pass through the glass. How should I do this? Should I do through DOP or other method in SOP? Thank you very much for your help! Sorry if I ask stupid questions, I didn't work much with RBD. glass_crash_v02.mov vase_03.hipnc vase from: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/vase-3d-model/516091
  12. I have growing color_mix attribute in mesh. How to create point group by this attribute for painting or create a metaballs of it? Or metaballs can be created from the attribute, and I did not go the right path?
  13. If I choose the shader in the node material, Houdini falls. This is so to speak interferes with work This problem is solved now? Mac OS Lion, Houdini 12. Ilya.
  14. don't save cloud preferences

    Maybe I'm not exactly put it. After starting the renderer, the browser does not appear and does not show task manager. Can you help with anything? And how to read log file? home-imac:Resources gilmanov$ sudo find /var/folders -name cloudsubmit.log Password: /var/folders/_h/77hc07t54pd2pvwnj1rcnkh80000gn/T/cloudsubmit.log
  15. don't save cloud preferences

    Ok. I get it. The problem was the antivirus. But now I get this error: However, I went through all the steps in this guide http://www.sidefx.com/images/stories/news/HQueue_Cloud/hqueue_cloud_guide_09nov12.pdf , and Amazon has received $2 from my credit card. What is the problem? upd so..., well, another dollar because the session has ended. OK, understood, understood. I think it works, but my browser does not show me this, I do not see Process