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  1. vector qToE(vector4 q_value){ float q_0 = q_value.w ; float q_1 = q_value.x ; float q_2 = q_value.y ; float q_3 = q_value.z ; vector out = {0,0,0} ; out.x = atan2(2*(q_0*q_1+q_2*q_3), (1-2*(q_1*q_1+q_2*q_2))) ; out.y = asin(2*(q_0*q_2-q_3*q_1)) ; out.z = atan2(2*(q_0*q_3+q_1*q_2), (1-2*(q_2*q_2+q_3*q_3))) ; return out ; }
  2. Graham, It works pretty well. I could understand more clearly how kwargs works from your example file. I really appreciate it for your help. DJ
  3. Graham, I tried to use kwargs['parm_name'] or kwargs['parm'].name(). But they didn't work. The only thing which worked in Python Module was kwargs['type']. Would you mind showing an example code for getting the button parmaters name when I push it? Thanks. DJ
  4. Hello, Does anybody know how to get the button parmeter's name itself using python, when the button is pressed? Thanks.
  5. Hi, How could I get attributes' values of last frame? DJ
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