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  1. Fracture Cluster Point SOP

    Hi everyone, what is the best way to use the control attributes and threshold attribute in the Cluster Point SOP to get good clustering variations in size and shape. I can't quite figure out how to use those controls to get what I need out of the pre-fractured pieces. Thanks for any suggestion. fracture_clusterPoint.hip
  2. RBD Packed Object Initial Velocity

    Got it, thanks Matt, that's what I needed to understand!
  3. RBD Packed Object Initial Velocity

    Hi everyone, I have an RBD packed object with an active attribute switching on over time. I also have initial velocity assigned to the packed fragments, but the RBD Packed object won't read it unless the piece is active on the first simulation frame. How do I make my pieces to read the velocity once activated over time? Thanks for any help!
  4. Trailing Attribute Transfer

    Hey Owl, that's a very cool way to do it! I see what you did and it makes perfectly sense Thanks for posting!
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to see if I can make a colour attribute transfered to a surface inside of a Solver to actually trail behind the geometry that it's actually transfering the colour. Essentially I'd like the attribute (colour in this case) to get deleted after a while instead of being accumulated for the whole time. I put together scene to show a simple case where I'm trying to test it. Any suggestion is most welcomed sample_scene.hip
  6. Ripple solver interaction

    Hi everyone, I jump on this topic because I actually have the opposite problem. What do you would be the best way to generate a ripple effect from the edges of the object outward. And the object intersecting the flat surface is not actually travelling, but instead moving up and down.., sort transfering vibration to the surface. Thanks for any suggestion
  7. Orient Transform SOP to Line

    Thanks for the reply guys. That's really helpful!
  8. Orient Transform SOP to Line

    Hey Ilan, thanks a lot for your example. I was actually wondering how to orient the pivot of the transform SOP right after the copy SOP, so that it align with the Line direction and allowing for post-copy transformation along it. Any idea on how to do that? Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, does anybody know how to orient a transform SOP that is attached to a copied geo, to the orientation of the original template geo (in this case a line SOP). I have attached a simple scene to maybe give a better idea of what I'm trying to do. Thanks for any suggestion! orient_to_line.hip
  10. vector length min and max value

    Thanks Kim, that's actually a pretty good idea. Cheers!
  11. Hi everyone, if I have the vel length of a bunch of a bunch of points and I want to extract the min and max length value, how can I do it in VOPs. Thanks a lot for any suggestion!
  12. steady points on curve

    Oh you got it right. As you said the way to go is to control the number of points resampled by defining the maximum number of edges before any sort of of stretching/deformation. And it works fine. I guess I was trying to think of a case scenario where you might wont to get it to work when using a more adaptive resample method where the points are not the same amount at the first and last frame of the deformation. I'll see if I can work on a test file eventually
  13. steady points on curve

    Hey Hudson, it seems like that the idea is to try to get a steady number of points before generating the final curve motion and deformation, and before you calculate the velocity. So then any smooth and resample steps wold interpolate with the original segmentation. I'm wondering though if there is a possibility to stabilize whatever point segmentation you end up with afterwards..
  14. steady points on curve

    Hi everyone, I have a bunch of curves that wave with noise. These curves are smoothed and resampled few times, plus they stretch in length. The point number on the curves of course keeps changing over time and this cause very unstable motion blur in rendering. How can I get steady point number on the curve? Any suggestion is most welcomed
  15. smoke trail on path

    Hi Dobril, thank you for sharing, it's a very nice set up. I'm really enjoying playing with it. I wanted to ask if you have ever experienced the smoke trail cut at the cluster volume boundaries. Something similar to what you can see in the image below. I remember you mentioning the vel from curve as the unified field and I wonder if that could be eventually caused in the areas where there is no velocity. Regarding your question I'm not sure if that is what you are looking for, but I think it could be worthy to have a look at what the Parent Fluid tool does. Here is just a basic set up. Hope it helps parent_fluid_example.hip