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  1. adding points to group

    If You use attribute transfer inside of sopsolver you will get the expected result.
  2. max edge split equivalent?

    Use Group SOP, (in parameters group by range..)
  3. VFX Artist

    Hi all, I completed my MA Digital Effects at Bournemouth University. I am attaching works done in last few months. You can see my showreel here.... All the CG work done in HOUDINI, Rendered in Mantra and composited in NUKE. Shot Breakdown... Shot Breakdown.pdf my CV Venkata_VFX_Resume.pdf
  4. Erosion Effect

    Thank you.. I bought it..
  5. Erosion Effect

    Hi guys, I am trying Erosion effect in Houdini using Image projection. This is my result... erossion.mov my reference: The Day The Earth Stood Still_clip0_clip0.avi Can anyone give me suggestions to do it in another simple process. The main problem with my file is there is no control in it. My hip file: erosion_v4.hipnc
  6. have u tried with RBD keyframe Active dop, In this u can control each piece separately, and control activation by using dopfield() expression... Or try "Magnet Metaballs" example in houdini help.
  7. Graham its working I did a mistake in writing expression, Instead of ` I use '.
  8. Hi graham, It is helpful for me, but if I want to write expression like, when ever the impact happens then only gravity has to active. Can u help me..
  9. Hai guys, This is a small doubt I got, I tried it but its not solved. How to view dopfield() values in dops. I want to use it as expressions. I watched Gnomon RBD tutorial, in that he explained use "echo 'dopfield(.....)'" to check the values of the expression. I tried it but " echo 'dopfield(".", $OBJID, "Position", "Options", "angvel")' dopfield(".", $OBJID, "Position", "Options", "angvel") " This is the result which I got. Can any one help me where can I check values. dopfield_expr.hipnc
  10. Could you give me an example I am not that good in using Vop sop. I just want to use animation images for pop's Thanks in advance.
  11. Hai, I am using a sequence of images in cop network and applied that image to pop. For single image it is working but if I apply for a sequence of images it is not updating. Can anyone help me.... cop_pop.hipnc
  12. Gnomon Dynamics Dvd - Feedback

    Awesome DVD... This is the best Dynamics tutorial for Houdini.. I like it.
  13. Procedural FX reel 2011 by Tomas Zaveckas

    Nice show reel Thomas. keep it up. I like the tree one. It looks realistic.