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  1. Detection of open and closed surfaces

    It works great, but ofc, you know that. Big Thanks galagast! This helped me a lot as i am still picking up on Houdini and learning things. Cheers!
  2. Detection of open and closed surfaces

    Thanks a lot guys, i'll certainly continue in that direction, now i just need to find how to tag the whole geometries based on that condition. Many thanks once again! Cheers!
  3. Detection of open and closed surfaces

    Hi everyone! Is there a way in houdini to detect if the surface is opened or closed? (maybe it's a trivial question, but can't find the solution anywhere) Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  4. Creating foot down state and using it for emission

    Hey Atom, thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, i did check that tutorial, but somehow still haven't managed to adapt it to my needs. Not sure if i misunderstood you, but in my case i need to emit particles only on the first frame of the contact between the foot/hoof and the ground, and for the next 4-5 frames when there is a contact i don't need any emission. I'll go again through your post however, maybe i missed something. Thanks!
  5. Hi all! I am a fairly new user of Houdini, and was wondering if anyone can help me out or point me into a good direction on how to create a foot down state, or anything similar to that, that i can use further down as an emission for particles or just creating simple geo. In case i didn't explain well above, i'll give you an example. I have a horse running across the field and i need to emit/generate content only on the first contact when the hoofs touch the ground and not through the entire time when they are touching it. Many thanks for any help. Cheers!
  6. waterfall

    Launch Flowline...