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  1. Coatings - Iridescence

    Can someone please explain how i install this shader? The extension right now is .h is this correct? Its driving me mad:)
  2. Dops attractor force

    That fixed it! Thanks alot:)
  3. Dops attractor force

    Hi. Thank you for putting out an example file! I've also been trying to figure out how to attract DOP object to custom points with no luck:) Your file works great, but when i add a ground plane the DOP objects start flying everywhere. Do you have any idea to why that is happening? I want the objects to bounce once or twice and then move to the goal object. Thanks
  4. Scatter Balloons

    Im trying to copy a bunch of balloons across a surface using the scatter sop without the objects intersecting eachother. I saw a tutorial where Peter Quint used a pointsop to base the scale on ptarea, but the promblem is that it leaves a lot of gaps between the objects, when i increase the scatter amount, the ballons gets smaller and doesnt fill the area so well. How can i go about doing this? I attached a simple scene so that you can see what i mean. Thanks in advance and happy new year!
  5. This is awsome! you saved my life! Thanks alot
  6. Yes!! It worked! Thanks alot man!
  7. Hi, Im just starting off learning Houdini and im stuck with a problem that i have to solve for a project im working on:) Hopefully someone can help Is it possible to drive polyextrude with a chop picking random channel from a pitch CHOP and applying it to a random primitive? something like this: $PR*(chop("../music/pitch_OUT/pick random channel from pitch_OUT which is a null") Thanks!