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  1. Duplo Bear via Bullet Constraints

    Nice! Thanks, Matt.
  2. Redshift sand sparks?

    Hey, You can also try randomly setting the pscale of perhaps 5% of your particles to be bigger as well. Or have a second set of particles that have planes/geo instanced to them with the cusp value set low (20 or lower) on a facet node, with 'post compute normals' selected. This can help catch glints, especially if the faces are rotating. Also, be sure that under the 'sample filtering' tab on the Redshift ROP settings, your 'Max Subsample Intensity' and the 'Max Secondary Ray Intensity' are set to at least 2 - this will aggressively clamp any hotspots when set lower. Hope that helps! Matt.
  3. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Congrats! May there be many, many more! Still the best vfx/houdini site by far. Matt.
  4. For those experiencing these issues - in the changelog today: Houdini 16.0.701 Fixed a Linux-only bug where modifier keys were ignored for clicks triggered by a tablet stylus. Thanks SESI! Much appreciated! Matt
  5. Yep - Marty, quite correct. Mouse works fine, Wacom doesn't. At least that's a start to trying to fix this - thanks! Matt.
  6. Copy to points with rotations

    Hi there, Take a look at this link and the rest of the orientation snippets - it will mean getting into some vex code, but it should give you what you need: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex#Copies_to_sit_on_a_surface.2C_with_random_rotation.2C_with_orient Hope that helps! Matt.
  7. Hey Goldleaf - nope, it seems the alt, control and even shift keys no longer work in the viewport and network editor of Houdini for shortcuts such as alt+drag to copy a node, control-clicking a shelf tool etc. I have since noticed that holding shift to add to or control to subtract from selections in the viewport no longer works either. And Marty - have found that the same issue is present in CentOS 7 as well. It would seem there was an update somewhere that has borked things... Most frustrating! Matt.
  8. Hi all, I am suddenly having the 'alt' key issue on Mint 18.2 with Houdini 16.0.657. Was fine until recently and it's driving me nuts! Have tried with an earlier build, but the problem persists. I also noticed that I'm unable to control click on shelf items as well, for example to create a camera from the current view. I have gone through a host of ways to disable the mouse+alt defaults in Cinnamon and gnome, but the issue still remains. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the cause, or is anyone else experiencing this as well? Matt.
  9. Rendering Pyro

    Hey Garf, If you have any scaling on your camera it can affect the look of the render. If it's not that, it's hard to say without knowing your setup. Matt.
  10. Hey, Is this what you are after (see attached file)? Be sure to visit http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/ for lots of vex goodness! Matt. tile_perpendicular_random_rotation_v02.hiplc
  11. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    Well, if you put down a standard box, that should represent 1m x 1m that you could use as scale reference. Looking at your screenshot, I'd say that's a pretty big hat, around a meter squared - if those units on your grid are at meter scale. Incorrect scale can cause problems for DOPs / Cloth / volumes and also rendering, so It's not a bad idea to have a human model that is scaled correctly in Houdini units, that you can reference. Hope that helps! Matt.
  12. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    Check your geometry scale - it will seriously affect how the density is calculated. Matt.
  13. Why Do Dop Points Move From Frame 1 to 2?

    Is it perhaps the collision object padding? If I remember correctly, by default there is a small padding amount added, and perhaps it is this pushing the objects away from each other? Matt.
  14. H16 Ocean with Mantra problem

    Hey again, Your settings seem ok, though I tend to keep my diffuse limit to 1, really helps to reduce noise. Often the second diffuse bounce doesn't really add a lot more to the image. Check your displacement bound - try and get it as low as possible before artefacts appear, as that may speed things up as well. And try and keep your lighting rig simple - I usually have a sun light and an hdri, and that seems to work well in most cases. As a last resort, try rendering without the fluid interior - can really speed things up, but it will look quite different. Without knowing what else is happening in your scene, I'm afraid that's about all I can suggest! Matt.
  15. H16 Ocean with Mantra problem

    Hey Robbert, It's probably because a few frames haven't meshed properly. Have you cached the 'particlefluidsurface' output to disk? If so, you can then step through and find any broken frames and try tweak the settings to get it to mesh correctly, and re-cache just those frames. Otherwise, perhaps the spectra mask files aren't being correctly generated - check the filesizes if you cache them out and see if there are any 0kb ones. Lastly, on the geometry node that your ocean is in, try setting the dicing mode to 'full predicing' - ( yourGeo > Parameters > Render > Dicing ). This will use a more memory at render time but has fixed issues for me with rendering oceans, and can actually speed up rendering. Hope that helps! Matt.