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  1. soft body POP

    I'm just thinking out loud here. Do you need the pieces of the garbage to actually move around? For example, one piece is a paper bag, do you want it to flap around? If you don't need that then maybe instanced particles will be able to do the job. As for connecting to your geometry, maybe a pop merge sop and a primitive sop will do the trick I'm not sure though.
  2. The dreaded rigidbodies

    Thanks for the replies guys. I just got that bowling ball scene file and its pretty much like the last scene I set up but one thing I don't understand is the one expression centroid("/o/"+opname(".")+"/om1",D_X). I know its getting the information for the object merge sop but why is it written like that instead of something like ("/obj/geo2/om1",D_X)? starkhorn thanks for the link to the 3dbuzz thread. Thats actually what helped me understand the basics of rdb. My main problem now is the constraints. I can get them to work if I use the force obj but not with the constraint pop. Then comes the problem of triggering the events to happen. I wish there was some kind of spring attribute where you can tighten and loosen it to make the constraints react like in maya. Anyways I'll trial and error all day and hopefully come up with something.
  3. The dreaded rigidbodies

    Ok I figured out how to create my rigidbodies and push them around with forces. Now I'm trying to figure out the constraints but can't seem to get them to do anything. I can get some of it to work if I use the force obj instead of the rdbconstraint pop and don't understand why. I hope one of you guys understands how to use these things because I can see me yelling at my monitor for the rest of the night.
  4. The dreaded rigidbodies

    Last night I decided to try out some rigidbodies. So I started reading through the help file and thought it won't be that hard. I was wrong. Anyways right now I have a scene with just a sphere and a pop network that has a rigidbody create pop and a force pop. The force pop points to a force obj. Now when I'm in the pop network the sphere falls but when I go upto obj level nothing happens. Is there something else I need to add to get it work or what? Also after I get this working I want to do something with constraints ofcourse. So do I need to create a force obj for that aswell?
  5. SpiderMan 2

    No way, wonderwoman is way out of spidey's league. She needs a real man, not an ordinary man, a BATMAN!
  6. I was watching the houdini demo reel today to steal errr borrow some ideas of things to try and do. They have those little interviews and I noticed on in particular. P.S. Yes I know, I'm a dork.
  7. Silly Challenge

    I tried working on this last night for about 4 hours and didn't get anywhere. I tried using the facet to make everything unique and then group primitives to form the shapes I want. Problem is I could figure out how to fuse the primitives together to be one big chunck instead of 5 individual ones. But this gives you no easy way to control the crack patterns anyways so back to the drawing board.
  8. SpiderMan 2

    Thats how I felt when I saw it too. Do you think thats what the people you're talking about were talking about? Because now I'm alittle curious.
  9. SpiderMan 2

    No right before the credits when spidey is swinging through the city. There was acouple of things flying behind him that kinda stuck out of the scene that I thought didn't need to be there. Now I'm kinda curious to what these other people are talking about , maybe I'll have to go see it again and watch through the credits. I'll tell you tomorrow if you don't figure it out, it doesn't spoil the plot or anything but I don't want to put anything out there so monsieurblack will be purposely looking for it.
  10. SpiderMan 2

    I saw this last Sunday and thought it was pretty good. Even though I'm not a spidey fan (couldn't even sit through all of the first movie) this one from the trailers looked like it would be good and actually was. Personally my favorite effect was that energy ball thing. The only thing I didn't like was at the very end but I won't say anything, you'll see.
  11. Silly Challenge no. 2

    After about an hour I think I got it finally. One thing I'm wondering is that I couldn't get the arm that goes up and down to work right until looking at deecue's file again. I don't understand what the point("../xform1", 1, "P",1)-2.7 expression is doing. In the help file it says it takes information from a point in the sop but I don't quite understand what its doing. sillychal2.zip
  12. Silly Challenge no. 2

    Hey deecue I looked at yours and saw some interesting ideas that I didn't even think of and some of it I'm not really sure whats going on. I'll give it another go tomorrow.
  13. The other day I was looking around the sidefx site and I found a bunch of sample files. One of them was of some zombies walking around dodge things in there way. I can't seem to find them now, any idea on where they're at?
  14. Challenge: Flocking Cones

    This is what I've been thinking. Grid as your source, the grid uses a impulse birth rate of 10 at frame 1 only. As for the rotation I was thinking something with the primitive sop. I don't know I'll figure something out.... maybe. Scratch the primitive plane.
  15. Silly Challenge no. 2

    Doh! If I can't get it by next week will you give me a hint?