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  1. Wispy smoke Effect

    use PyroFX to figure out~
  2. HOT in MR for Maya

    Thanks very much~! Good work! So Amazing~!
  3. Error Repot ~ again & again~~

    I have installed the HOT plug-ins,and I has also been correctly set the environment variable,but when I create VOP_SOP node and create "HOT_ocean_eval node" and connected it, Error report is always immediately there......,just as shown in these pictures the following...... However,The ocean waves appear correctly by Ocean node,but no VEX foam,"HOT_ocean_eval" always report error in VOP_SOP...... Plz,what is the reason? Plz help......
  4. Please check out the attched files~ ; It's "vopsop_foamparts.hip" ,opened from "hotsrc_1.0rc9"--examples; I have already installed HOT, but VOP report 4 errors.... Help ,Please ~ Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot!problem solved~ Like you said,I really didn't install the 64-bit compiler.
  6. Making 'SOP_Star.o' and 'F:/360data/impdata/mydoc/houdini11.0/dso\SOP_Star ll' from 'SOP_Star.C' Failed to run E:\VC8\VC\VC\bin\amd64\cl with error 2: The system could not find the specified file... why?? tool:visual studio 2005 x64 system:win7 cpu:Intel core i7 920 do i need to by a AMD64bit CPU??