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  1. Spring SOP Help

    I am creating a scene with an uncurling leaf petal, and I would like to add some subtle dynamics to it. I was hoping to simplify this a bit by using a Spring SOP, but I am having trouble achieving the desired effect. The scene file is attached. The "spine" of the leaf and the leaf itself are two separate objects merged together. The curling (controlled by the "curl" parameter on the obj level) is driven by bones. What I would like to do is add a subtle "bouncing" effect (perhaps that's not the best way to describe it, but it makes sense to me) to make it a bit more realistic. I have looked through Houdini's examples for the Spring SOP as well as some I found in the forums, but can't seem to find any that apply to what I'm wanting to do. Thanks! petal_curl.hip
  2. Dynamic Operator Names in Equations

    Perfect! I was trying to throw some quotes in there Thanks so much!
  3. Dynamic Operator Names in Equations

    Thank you, opdigits is very helpful. Your post also helped me find opinputpath and opoutputpath, which I think are exactly what I need. However, I'm having trouble using these the way I wish to. The equation is a bit more complex than this, but for simplicity's sake, let's say that for each node, I would like to set the rotation of the x (rx) to : ch("/obj/geo/obj1/rx") where obj1 is changed to opoutput. The following will return the path to the rx of the output node: `opoutputpath(".",0)`/rx However, I can't figure out the syntax to put that in the ch() to properly utilize it within each parameter.
  4. Back with another question Let's say I have created a set of nodes, which are named obj1, obj2, obj3, etc. I can reference the name of each node using $OS. Is there any way to implement this into an equation which modifies the number in the node title? For example, I might have an equation in a parameter of obj1 which is dependent on a parameter of obj2. So ideally, for obj1, $OS + 1 would equal obj2. However, I can't get this to work. I don't want to manually map to the parameter in obj2, because obj1 has a parameter which is dependent on obj2, obj2 has one which is dependent on obj3, obj3 on obj4, et cetera. The equations are identical except for the reference to the next node. Any suggestions?
  5. Curve from Bone

    I figured it was something simple. Thanks for the quick reply!
  6. Curve from Bone

    I am new to rigging (both in Houdini and in general), so I am not certain whether I am approaching this properly. I am looking to recreate a "curling / uncurling" effect, the best example of which I have seen in this demo reel, at about 1:28: I only need to do this with a single curve. I have tried to recreate the effect in a similar manner as the creator of the reel. I created a curve, then made bones from that curve. Using the rotate parameters on each curve, I figure that I can use a set of expressions to trigger a curling effect (after a certain bone has rotated x degrees, trigger the next one). However, I can't figure out how to then deform my original curve into the shape of the bones, or how to skin the bones (eliminating the need to deform the original curve). Alternatively, if there is an easier way to my goal, I am willing to bypass the bone method entirely. Any suggestions welcome!
  7. Python - Acces Menu Item

    Hello, Is it possible to access menu items of Houdini via a python script? Specifically, I'm looking to install a digital asset library, and later refresh the asset libraries (file>refresh asset libraries) on command. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!