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  1. I am trying to use rayhittest() in a snippet to test for intersections from a primitive to an arbitrary location. (A camera, a light etc) I have an example that works in SOPs in my .hip using intersect, however I need something that works at render-time. I have tried adding a scope to self, however, I am not sure if my syntax is correct. I have something like; dist = rayhittest(origin, ray, 0.05, 'scope', 'self'); If I bind dist to a hard coded value, I can see that something is coming out of the snippet. Any pointers? Any easier ways to do shader based intersections? Hip file attached Cheers, Aaron. rayPigs.hipnc
  2. baketexture rop problem

    I have found that the ROP still has a camera pathed to the default "cam1". If you make a cam called "cam1" it should work!

    Ohh my goodness, greeble!
  4. New Skin Shader

    Looks like the new skin shader is a .hda using three physicalsss nodes with energy conservation at the end. (Divided by 3!) A quick test, and I am getting close to what I was getting in H14. (Although a little faster?) Are you rendering as a subD? Fused points?
  5. Great idea! Thanks for the tip.
  6. As the paths don't resolve, you get an error message. Files that are missing cannot be marked as required. Any thoughts, can pre-flight be overridden, any advanced options available to force this? Cheers, Aaron.
  7. I am attempting to use an unevaluated $JOB variable to switch predefined texture sets feeding one ubershader. I have "diffMap" promoted on my shader, and a primitive string attribute "diffmap" with the value. ${JOB}/path/to/my/textures.rat (I have tried '$JOB' as well) If I remove the primitive string attibute, and manually enter "${JOB}/path/to/my/textures.rat" into the promoted "diffMap" slot, it evaluates correctly. Will I need to get into some sort of string reformatting on the promoted parameter? Difficult to share a .hip with the $JOB variable... Hope the above makes sense. Cheers, Aaron.