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  1. Oh, thanks Macha and Matt_K !! I've figured that the keep source option let me keep just one of the 2 meshes...to have your resulting curve as part of the new topology...so i've created 2 groups each for any mesh to operate on, then a delete node do the rest....
  2. normal map from 3d-coat

    That's what happens...with the mantrasurface shader, the normal map seems works but flatten my mesh and creates black scratches...
  3. Align tool

    Ohh, thanks kubabuk & Nerox....that's really help me . I know the houdini way of proceduralism, but sometimes during modeling you are satisfied with your mesh and you dont want come back to tweak your nodes again, and then i was afraid that more nodes can take more ram memory and make the scene heavy....'cause i've to push the maya way out of my mind (after 10 years...)... yes now the align tool works as expected, make it easy extrude the polygons along their face normals. Thanks again!
  4. Hi, if i use the cookie tool with the crease option i get a line from two poligons that intersect each other, but if i want the intersection line become part of one of the two meshes, like a projection curve ?
  5. Align tool

    Hi guys, i've some issues regarding the Move align tool , it can be set to object , world or view . But what if i've modified my start object with some polyextrude and edit ? How can align the tool to the new position of my object? and there is a way to eliminate all the nodes generated after each extrusion or edit, like a freeze or delete history of maya, so that i've only one new node? I know that i can export a bgeo to a file and call it again, it's the only solution? Thanks.
  6. normal map from 3d-coat

    Thanks, i'll try it asap. And i think i've not to bother to flip y-normal diving in the mantrasurface shader...as this is only for z-brush or not?
  7. 3d is like books....when you've read one....they have printed one thousand!

  8. Has someone successfully imported a normal map from 3d-coat in to houdini? I've found some shaders to import a normal map from zbrush but seems they works as a bump map, not a normal tangent displacement....I'm doing something wrong or missed something? bye..