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  1. Viewport openGL specular wierdnes

    The ogl_reflect property wasn't properly being sent though to the environment light shader. This has been corrected in 17.5.285. If you want to use specular color to affect the reflection, you'll need the ogl_spectint property set to 1. Generally speaking the ogl_reflect parameter (float, 0...1) is better though.
  2. Viewport openGL specular wierdnes

    Can't view the forum post if I don't have an account. Could you post the relevant details here?
  3. How could I hold last frame in my image sequencse?

    It's: $HIP/tex/Display_A_`clamp($F,1, 130)`.jpg clamp() holds the first value if less than the min, and the last value if greater than the max.
  4. smooth in viewport

    Yes, switch to Shaded (instead of Wire over Shaded).
  5. 2D pan Zoom in Houdini

    Yes, in the view state it's Ctrl+Alt+RMB to draw a box around the area to zoom, and Ctrl+Alt+MMB to pan that area. Drawing a box from right to left will reset to the full area.
  6. Yes, same basic node, just named slightly different because it's living in a non-ROP context. You're correct about the root object (the object below which exporting is done) and Objects (which of those objects that are children of the root object to export).
  7. OpenGL Tags for UV scale/offset

    They only apply to heightfield rendering at the moment, not general polygon rendering.
  8. DPX image format?

    DPX is a nightmare format to support, and as far as I know, no one actually supports the entire spec. It seems like most implementations only support the Cineon container portion. The rest is madness - like someone went spec crazy at Kodak trying to support every possible image use case under the sun. Anyway, we looked into it many years ago and passed on it in favour of EXR.
  9. How to get image size of COP2 node?

    float tm = context.getTime(); Right. Or, if you have a COP2_Context in cookMyTile(), you can pass that instead of { plane, 0, tm, x,y, 0 } using the second getImageBounds() signature - If you just want the image size of the plane you're processing (or the size of the input plane). If you need to access a different plane, you need the longhand version.
  10. How to get image size of COP2 node?

    You want to call COP2_Node::getImageBounds(). The bounds can be different per plane, unlike the res, so the plane must be specified.
  11. point a "file" at the newest version

    The best way to do this is with a variable, like $SHOTVER. Set this up in Edit > Aliases Variables in the Variables tab to point to the version dir, number, or name you're using. Then have all your files use it in their file path. It sounds like you may already have a file with hardcoded versions, if so you might be able to use the varchange hscript command to switch your hardcoded version to $SHOTVER.
  12. crop empty space around generated text

    If you're using the Font COP, it generates a very small image inside a crop region on its own (Shift+LMB drag in the viewer to see it). If you export to a format that supports data windows like EXR or PIC, this will be preserved.
  13. The "Leave playbar at last frame" toggle in the Flipbook options will avoid jumping to the frame you were on before you started the flipbook (Houdini 16.5+).
  14. Slow viewport- Graphic card and Monitor

    Volumes are rendered as many parallel planes blended together, so if the number of pixels in the viewport is large and it's a large volume (or several), you're probably maxing out the GPU's ROPs which do the framebuffer blending and writes. You can try adjusting the volume quality and/or size in the Geometry and Texture tabs of the display options.
  15. Split your viewer into 2 viewports, don't use 2 viewers. Separate viewers do not share selections, viewports within the same viewer do.