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  1. Camera zoom?

    Space+Z (set pivot and frame)? Zoom is Ctrl+Alt+LMB drag to box zoom (also in the view state, but hard to do while holding Space).
  2. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I'm guessing you're referring to our viewport renderer and not Pixar's Storm (formally known as HydraGL). DOF and motion blur are available through the flipbook currently. However this isn't a way to hook up realtime reflections in LOPs the way you can in objects. Python presets are doable with HOM right now (FlipbookSettings), but I agree it should be more built-in. At least you can save them as default now
  3. The rotospline cop allows you to draw arbitrary spline or polygon shapes. The shape cop can give you more precise shapes like rectangles. You can pipe that into the mask input of an over cop (or add, multiply, etc) to control which area of the image is affected.
  4. Supercharged H18 GUI (TouchDesigner Style)

    A blank Python Panel's pane content can be shrunk almost completely, and if you hide the pane tabs they can get pretty small (but for the stowbars). But I don't think there's a way to get rid of the stowbars.
  5. Supercharged H18 GUI (TouchDesigner Style)

    For those that don't want to completely customize their UI, you can use the Pane menu to move the file, shelf, status, and playbar to any pane (little v button to the right of the pane tabs, "Pane Interface > Move XXX here".
  6. visualizing Bone names in viewport

    Yes, you can turn on "Object names" (or Object paths if you really like information overload) in the Guide tab of the viewport Display Options.
  7. Yes, it's now showing you the geometry inside the object in local space, ie, not considering the object transform. There's an RFE to separate out the "hide" and "ignore object transform" parts of this mode into two separate options.
  8. Yes, with the Add File Operator (hotkey = in the network editor). Select all the files you want to load and it'll create one file cop for each.
  9. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    That's one of the main reasons that the Gamedev team has rebranded as SideFX Labs - so that what they produce isn't just seen as content for games. They're really driven by the community.
  10. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Set your editor to emacsclient, making sure that you've run M-x server-start in your existing emacs session.
  11. How to render 16 bit EXR from Houdini?

    EXR is a linear colorspace format. It must be converted to a non-linear colorspace when viewing so that it looks right. When you load it into Houdini, you basically get it displayed with a 2.2 gamma (or, if using OpenColorIO, some colorspace like sRGB or REC709). I couldn't tell you what Finder is doing.
  12. texture reload

    In the textport, the command is texcache -n to update all textures that have changed.
  13. UV Tile (UDIM) Sensitive UV Quickshade

    This is a very outdated thread. UDIM textures are supported in mantra and the viewport with the (admittedly rather awkward) %(UDIM)d syntax. /path/to/image%(UDIM)d.exr Luckily the file chooser has an option to insert this token for you.
  14. SideFX is Cracking!

    Only ink left in our printer was orange.
  15. SideFX is Cracking!

    It's actually based on our old logo.